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Eclipse Phase Second Edition material in advance!

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Eclipse Phase Second Edition material in advance!
Eclipse Phase Second Edition is really close to being finished. We're down to some final edits, graphic design tweaks, integrating those last-minute rules corrections, working on cross-references and the index. The Open Playtest rules are still available, although the playtest itself is over. We'll keep the playtest rules available until the PDF version of EP2 drops! And of course, the Quick-Start Rules are available and they'll be getting an update when the core rulebook is finalized! We've been releasing some gameplay and setting material in advance of the core rulebook, and we've mentioned it on the Kickstarter page but not over here, so here's a summary!: Infamy Eclipse Phase: Infamy — Rob Boyle & Davidson Cole's introductory fiction.  Grinder Eclipse Phase Nano Op: Grinder — the first in a series of two page mini-scenario/encounters, this one geared towards Firewall characters!  Body Count Eclipse Phase Nano Op: Body Count — this Nano Op is geared towards Criminal Gaunxi characters, and they start out in the middle of the fire!  Character Pack Eclipse Phase: Character Pack — All sixteen sample characters, Firewall members, Gatecrashers, and Guanxi Ops (free).  Rules Primer Eclipse Phase Second Edition Rules Primer — The EP2 rules condensed to two pages (free!)
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Any estimation when the core
Any estimation when the core rulebook will be released? Maybe something like .. in xx Months/years and not it is close to be finished ;)