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Re: Eclipse Phase: Online

I'm still interested, I'm on PST but have flexible schedule so I can make any time, you've got my wave account in a PM rbishop.

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Re: Eclipse Phase: Online

Well, I'd love to do it, but realistically speaking I'm not sure if my schedule will allow it. I'm also in California so you're a few hours ahead of me... I'd still like to give it a shot though, so I'll get working on a character over the weekend.

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Re: Eclipse Phase: Online

I'd be interested in joining a game if there is still space. I'm CST.

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Re: Eclipse Phase: Online

I'm not sure if I'm ready to jump into another online game just yet, but I'd certainly like to spectate.

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Re: Eclipse Phase: Online

Haven't heard from the GM of our asynchronous play-by-wave game in 2 or 3 weeks; assuming things aren't moving forward.

I have a character prepared if someone has an opening for a similar style game.

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Re: Eclipse Phase: Online

I just put up a recruitement thread for a play-by-chat - linky. Anyone welcome to pop in and post interest.

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Re: Eclipse Phase: Online

I'd seriously be into getting into a play-by-post or play-by-blog Eclipse Phase game if there's room out there.
This is the game I'm currently running via blogspot:
Life's too busy to permit another GMing gig, but I'll play and write my heart out for the right group.

'gordianphock' at 'gmail'

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Re: Eclipse Phase: Online

Hey all, I am new to the system and game but was wondering if anyone was thinking of running a pbp game. I am running three elsewhere{pathfinder and nwod games} so really could not tackle running another in a 3rd system, but would love to give this one a shot as a player. The rules look simple enough to run as such but I have not found any active games as of yet so thought I would ask here.

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Re: Eclipse Phase: Online

well i am looking for players on google wave to start a couple games. if interested look me up on g wave my id is right now i have time i can run 3 or 4 games easy and i do run other systems and settings then eclipse phase but really trying to get the game off the ground.