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Eclipse Phase - The Movie

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Eclipse Phase - The Movie
Sadly, I don't have news that Eclipse Phase is going to be made into a movie. No, instead I'm wondering what an Eclipse Phase movie would look like, in terms of other existing movies. What would the visual aesthetic be ? Which bits of which movies would you pull out and stitch together to make an EP movie ? (and, vice versa, what movies should and Eclipse Phase fan be sure to watch ?). Here are some that spring to mind : Total Recall (2012) - the cityscapes, the synthmorphs, the flying cars, weaponry, the general fucking with your mind... Prometheus - habitat & spacecraft interiors & exteriors (esp the holographic scene in Charleze Theron's suite), vehicles, space suits, exsurgents, alien planets, iktomi/alien architecture. Tron Legacy - very much the general aesthetic, the 'smart matter' clothing, vehicles & weapons, the AR (the way Jeff Bridges pulls up a UI out of thin air) The Thing (the two colour films, not the B&W one) - exsurgents. Oh wow, exsurgents ! Aliens - looking dated now, but some weaponry and spacecraft, the Xenomorphs could be Iktomi or another alien / exsurgent species. 2001 - spacecraft Mission to Mars - spacecraft (most definitely not orbital mechanics !) Iron Man / 2 / Avengers - powersuit / armour, virtual reality UIs, AIs. Moon - re-sleeving / cloning, AIs, vehicles, habitats The Matrix - TITANs, messed up earth, virtual realities Minority Report - cityscapes, vehicles, computer UIs, psi-sleights Ghost in the Shell - re-sleeving, robots, vehicles, yeah heck most of it. WALL-E - (seriously!) spaceships, robots, smart matter machines (ie. EVE) Bladerunner - cityscapes, flying cars, replicants (pod morphs with planned obsolescence ?) Stargate - OK, scraping the barrel here but Pandora Gates ...I know I've missed a load more - what else ?
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A good movie needs more than
A good movie needs more than scenery and gadgets. What is the *story*?
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EP would be better played
EP would be better played like a cult sci fi series, something like Firefly or Andromeda or Star Trek. Then finish off with a movie.
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Someone mentioned that
Someone mentioned that Prometheus is Eclipse Phase with a party of all newbie players. If Prometheus characters weren't like a bunch of toddlers, wandering around putting everything in their mouths, it would be a pretty good EP gatecrashing movie. Beyond that and Aliens, there aren't a lot of movies that really capture it. Perhaps the best I know of is the new webseries, H+, which could be one take on the Fall.
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nezumi.hebereke wrote:Someone
nezumi.hebereke wrote:
Someone mentioned that Prometheus is Eclipse Phase with a party of all newbie players. If Prometheus characters weren't like a bunch of toddlers, wandering around putting everything in their mouths, it would be a pretty good EP gatecrashing movie. Beyond that and Aliens, there aren't a lot of movies that really capture it. Perhaps the best I know of is the new webseries, H+, which could be one take on the Fall.
When you say it like that, Prometheus is like running a game of Eclipse Phase for your local preschool! :D
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Animated CGI series would be the way to go
Seriously, look what studios can do, now! Look at shows like Tron Uprising (which buries Legacy in the ground in about every aspects), for example. Or flicks like the two Appleseed and Starship Troopers Invasion. I would total hire Shinji Aramaki as director or animation director at least. Inspiration wise, look at Accel World for the Mesh uses and ARUI, and the time dilation in VR. People like Kuroyuki Hime and Niko have their mind in early to mid twenties in teen bodies, because of the amount of time spent in Unlimited Burst. Haru himself is much more mature and self assured now than he was first introduced to the Brain Burst world. Same author (both AW and this are light novels at the base) and same studios: Sword Art Online. Available in simulcast on Crunchy Roll and Wakanim.fr among others. This novel series and anime shows the life of a few people among the ten thousand who got stuck in a VRMMORPG. They die in the game, their brain burns. People remove the headset ("nerve gear"), the brain gets fried. So, basically it's like a massive forced upload by a singularity seeker argonaut. The UI and gamer tropes are the soil of the society that grew over the months for people stuck in there. The live, work/quest together, even get married and adopt AI children NPCs. Don't laugh, it's already starting in Second Life and Skyrim's new DLC Heartfire Oh, and keep an eye on the new Neil Bloekamp flick Elysium to be released next year. It looks promising and quite EPesque
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Story-wise, I think Total
Story-wise, I think Total Recall hits close to the mark. An Eclipse Phase film could make use of elements like psychosurgery, memory lack, and shifting identities to create a really interesting (if potentially confusing) psychological thriller. It would also be kind of cool to see the protagonist die repeatedly. Think Memento by Christopher Nolan, except every memory flash is punctuated by a gruesome death scene! What horror/thriller setting could do that!? Also, this is sort of a different topic, but I have been thinking about how to adapt the story of my favorite PC game, Planescape: Torment, to the EP setting. It just lends itself so well to stories about identity and dissociation. The challenge of course (for those of you who are familiar with that game) is that everyone is immortal, and almost everyone has amnesia, rather than just the main character.
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I just about dropped my lunch
I just about dropped my lunch on my keyboard. That is a story I want so much. But yeah, considering EVERYONE is immortal and chasing memories, you'd need to find a new theme to make it interesting.
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Planescape Torment's issues
Planescape Torment's issues can be inserted with ease into EP: see what happens when you abuse the backup and forking system a lot! XDDD Now seriously, I think an EP movie would be impossible if not as a closing move, because the setting is so complex. As for the SAO/AW things: you can see the translated light novels here: Accel World: http://www.baka-tsuki.org/project/index.php?title=Accel_World Sword Art Online: http://www.baka-tsuki.org/project/index.php?title=Sword_Art_Online Both series are written by the same author, and both belong to the same "setting": SAO is some years before AW (probably like 19 at the very least: 2 years of SAO + 15 years for the chip Burst Link requires installed since birth). Now, there are two EP-details we can find in these books (one in each): in Sword Art Online we can see "simulspace learning" of sorts, were you learn stuff that later you can use in the real world (with the physical limits of the body), and in Accel World we can see the impact of accelerated simulspaces on society (more or less). Also, Accel World can show a little of the Futura Project: children with their egos "accelerated", because we already know the sensations they project (there is a trope for that: "really XXXX years old", usually applied to vampires). Oh, and I prefer the SAO and AW fansub of utw.me (Unlimited Translation Works) to crunchyroll.
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Team Fortress' cutscene maker soon to be released by Valve
Just yesterday I saw it on GTTV. I don't know when it'll be released, though. But I reckon this could be used to make proof-of-concept movies about EP something that could be used for kickstarters, don't you think?
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I think there is already a
I think there is already a TF2's engine thingy released that lets you "make" movies: I already watched a recreation of the scene of The Matrix were Trinity and Neo get an helicopter and rescue Morpheus, using the audio from the movie and the engine from TF2 (and the characters from TF2 too! Agents=medic, Morpheus = heavie, etc...).
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That is exactly why I would
That is exactly why I would be pessimistic about an EP movie, once the rights are bought, and the film goes into production, and it gets the standard fifteen re-writes to make the script as watered down as possible, then what we are usually left with in a large budget production is scenery and gadgets IMHO. I can count the number of truly good and well written sci-fi films made in the US on one hand, maybe two if I am stretching it.
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Rada... just avoid hollywood.
Rada... just avoid hollywood. For the last 20-30 years they manage to produce something edible once or twice a year... But when it comes to sci-fi, they just want all the gadgets and gizmos they can fit, and more :(
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Mind/psycological Horror films
Event Horizon (with Sam Niel), with some modifications would fit quite nicely in EP In the Mouth of Madness (also with Sam Niel), this films story and setting could be updated into Eclipse phase techlvl. Perhaps clockwork orange & Angel Heart as well - Aside from the psycological horror films Some of the westerns that delve about the Fence war of the Wild west could also be "ported" quite nicely into Eclipse phase Mars.
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Ooh, I like Angel Heart.
Ooh, I like Angel Heart. Imagine a strain of the Exsurgent virus that corrupts an ego, then creates a functional alpha fork that exists as a split personality in the same body, with all the old memories (in this example, I suppose the ETI represents the Devil). The infected ego would take control at opportune moments, but otherwise bide it's time.
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In that case
Well With Angel heart as the overarching trope plot theme, (could be mixed with a bit trope plots from of Dollhouse, Matrix1 and Bladerunner) I would stitch it with design asthetics of Bladerunner, Outland (Sean Connery film) & perhaps "Silent running (1972)". It should look like its functional, lived in, used and worn. spann across several spacehabitats and give a sense of Vast space. Egotraveling with several resleeving wakeups & medical checkups. I would also like it to be; a film that needs to be seen several times - watching the film to the end in earlier session, will give insights to otherwise unoticable plots & details in following viewings. This could showcase a glimpse of true goals the grandchess master (the client) was busy working on, not only the ruse of getting the amnesiac protagonist hunting down themself and former crew.
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Make a Movie
Hi, I am new to this Forum but have played EP several times now (although not as much as I would like....). From the first moment this game thrilled me and I fell in love with it's setting. Since I am studieing Media-Science and am very interested in making movies later, I already thought about how Ep could be brought on Television. (Yes I would realy kill to be allowed to do this! ;-) So my thoughts so far: 1. The setting and exspecially the environment are very complex. The only way to bring that to the recipient is: a) an ongoing series with at least 50 minutes per episode (complex stories need more time!), b) completely digital/animated (since environments like 0 G Habitats or low grav. moons are extremly complicated and expensive to simulate) and c) it would be very hard to keep up the interest and focus of the usual recipient with always changing characters (bodies/moprhs) and would be impossible to make with several changing actors. 2. Now with this basics we can start with what we want to see in the series: The whole series needs a story which forms the framework, a character or story around the single stories. This framework contains a red line through the whole episodes the recipient can follow more easily and perhaps introduces a character as strange to the world of EP as the usual recipient himself, which can help to learn more of the world (Augmented Reality, Spacetravel, Simulspace, Transhumanism, Ego-Storage...). The single-stories are what makes EP what it is. Diffrent types of stories from classic Hypercorp espionage to exoplanetary science and firewall vs. TITANS scenarios. The diversity of those stories can sattisfy the needs of the community while at the same time been picked together to a whole picture piece together the framework of the series untill a final climax (of corse with a bad-ass cliffhanger that let's the people lust after the next season). 3. With this in mind there would be no great barriers for a EP-Serial that could contain (about) EVERY theme and subject the community want's at the same time as entertaining the Everyman. Now we need sponsors and a movie-studio. :-D 4. I know another way to increase the numbers of consumers but since I don't like copycats I'm going to keep this secret for myself untill I get the contract as director...(just kidding, although...). :-) So I think this way we could realise an EP-Movie. What do you think?
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[i]Equilibrium[/i] was why anyone who had seen it knew without a doubt that Christian Bale could be Batman. The equilibrium world is suitable for a Brinker community.
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The film industry is caught
The film industry is caught in a godawful feedback loop: 1. Producers dumb scripts down because they do not want to take any risks, instead appealing to the broadest audience possible. 2. Audiences get used to this kind of no-brainer entertainment, and are disappointed when their expectations aren't met. 3. Rinse and repeat. (Actually, that applies to the music industry as well - only more so.) So yeah, it's not terribly tragic that nobody has bought the film rights to EP. We could end up with another "Dungeons and Dragons" on our hands. And nobody wants that. Has anybody mentioned "Dark City", by the way? I could think of some pretty messed up scenarios involving the forcefully uploaded minds that have been abducted by the TITANS...
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True Skin Short Film
Here is a short film that captures several themes of EP. Gives a good idea of how Earth might have been right before the Fall: http://vimeo.com/51138699
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True Skin
I love that one
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what about an anthology on Netflix?
Love Death And Robots has some very EP-esque episodes Sonnie's Edge, Beyond Attica's Rift... it shows that it can be done, and a good way to explore the universe, to display diverse part of the setting
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There are two Series (the
There are two Series (the books they originate from are mentioned in the EP-Inspiration) that in my opinion portray some parts of the world very very good. 1. Altered Carbon: Sleeving!! Includes all the themes that comes with a disposable body, the rich living forever while poor people can be glad if they get the morph of a 70 year old man for their 6 year old daughter who died in an accident. Also shows what a combat morph can be capable of. The portrayal of the big city this series plays in als comes close to how I imagine big citys in EP. 2. The expanse: Like eclipse this is Hard-Sci-Fi with a touch of extraterrestrial encounter. It has similar conflicts between earth, mars and outer rim and the whole plot could very well be used as an eclipse phase campaign.