Eclipse Phase / Mass Effect (Western Australia)

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Eclipse Phase / Mass Effect (Western Australia)


I am currently Game Mastering Eclipse Phase campaign set in Mass Effect universe. We are using our own conversion of Eclipse Phase original rules and settings to Mass Effect equivalent. I have done the bulk of the conversion work though not without some significant players and third party contributions. Eclipse Phase rules are available for free in form of PDF and I have authored a conversion and lore documents for the group to follow.

The campaign is based on Mass Effect: Andromeda with player characters fulfilling roles of the Patfinder Team members (there is no singular Pathfinder) as the team explores the local cluster in search of a new home. Our modified campaign lore assumes that the Milky Way was lost to The Reapers (yes we did loose the war) and the Ark (single Ark) is our last hope for survival and we are all that is left. Paired wit Eclipse Phase rules the game adopts a survival horror in space, existential horror, hard science fiction, soft military and transhumanity themes.

The campaign is designed as a series of episodes, each lasting multiple sessions, a number of episodes making a season (which generally last around six months). At the end of the season we review group membership and game direction and adjust according to attendance, contributions and interests. We have just completed our first season (six months) and have one player leaving and are also reviewing at least one other contributor. I thought I will extend an invitation to any Mass Effect fan interested in joining our endeavour and being a proactive participant. Knowledge of Mass Effect or Eclipse Phase is not required (assuming you are a fast learner and understand that it is your responsibility to bring yourself up to speed).

Our group at this time has 4 mixed gender core members with 1 relatively inexperienced addition (this excludes the player who is leaving the group due to other commitments). If you are interested in discussing this further please let me know... you can reach me on Discord via Final Frontiers Server ( ), via Reply to this thread or Private Messages here.

We are due to resume our campaign and return for Season 2 (with at least one other season planned afterwards) in mid January.
We play on Sunday evenings in North Perth.
This is a role playing heavy campaign.

Kind Regards
Daniel (Ebon Hawk)