Eclipse Phase Living World Campaign - Always Recruiting

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Eclipse Phase Living World Campaign - Always Recruiting
[CENTER][B]Operation EVERETT CAGE Briefing[/B][/CENTER] Welcome to the front lines, sentinel. You can call it EVERETT CAGE if you really want to. We just call it the Board, and it is your gateway to Firewall. The organization is always short handed; most of our field agents are part timers and most of them don’t want anything to do with us when they’re inactive. Life’s complicated enough when you don’t have to unexpectedly drop everything and deal with the End Of Transhumanity As We Know It. Most of them, though. Not all. You’re receiving this for a reason. I don’t know what it is, nor do I particularly care to know. Maybe you’ve got a martyr complex, or think you need to atone for something, or need the i-rep for reasons of your own, or maybe you no longer know how to function outside a mission. Whatever. The controlling server decided that you, yes you, are the kind of person that we want to handle Firewall’s neverending array of tasks. So, an invitation has been extended to join the Board, on a purely voluntary basis, and you accepted. (You always accept. Management is good at this.) So, what is the Board? The Board is Firewall’s backlog and help-wanted. Where we don’t know enough to scramble a pack of sentinels - especially well placed sentinels - but could use some volunteers to check things out. It is short term operations that require initiative and flexibility because we need eyes and ears and there are never enough to go around. It’s impromptu kill teams, it is taking stabs at intel that’s too promising to ignore but too dangerous to risk a sentinel’s position, it is looking for missing researchers, it is poking the unknown with a stick and being ready to jump if things go sideways. We are, in other words, the wet glue that goes into the cracks in Firewall’s coverage. The good news is, Management pays for egocasting, resleeving and ops. A Firewall mission with a budget - imagine that. The bad news is that you’ll find yourself dumped into situations with bad intel and limited exit strategies, with nothing to rely on but your own wits and your teammates. The bad news is that you won’t see the nightmares coming. More so than usual, I mean. Just remember, when the chips are down: you asked for this. [hr] Discord: [URL=]Chat[/URL] Reddit: [URL=]Character Creation[/URL] - [URL=]Mission Board[/URL] Resources: [URL= Player Intro[/URL] - [URL= Creation Rules[/URL] - [URL= Doc[/URL] [B]What is this nonsense?[/B] I'm glad you asked, me. This is living world campaign; which means lots of players, and lots of GMs. It's all coordinated through Discord (the chat service) and Reddit. You make a character, post them to the subreddit and get approved. GMs make a game - in character, a mission post - and post it to a different subreddit, and you can join. Games are run on third party sites such as Roll20, and through Discord, largely but not necessarily via voice chat. Experience - and consequences - carry over from one game to the next, even if it's not necessarily the same GM next time. In between missions, your character can chat with other sentinels and discuss ongoing events. [B]How should I get involved?[/B] [URL=]Join the chat[/URL], and we'll help you get started making a character. If you're interested in GMing, just ask - we're looking for new GMs and are happy to provide mentoring for new GMs. If you want to discuss the living world campaign here. Here on SV, feel free to discuss Eclipse Phase, and ask any questions about the campaign and how things work. (PS I'm not 100% sure that that link works; lemme know if it doesn't.)
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I freely endorse this product/service.
Thermonuclear Banana Split - A not-really-weekly Eclipse Phase campaign journal.