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Eclipse Phase in JumpChain, or vice versa

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Eclipse Phase in JumpChain, or vice versa
There's a RPG-like game online called "JumpChain", whose basic premise is that a seemingly omnipotent being sends a protagonist "jumper" into various fictional worlds for a decade apiece, where they can collect various powers, skills, and gear until they either pass a final test, get killed, decide to stay put, or decide to quit and go home. There are lots of minor details, such as choosing default bodies, extradimensional warehouses, short gauntlets, renegade jumpers. Enthusiasts have brewed up documents describing jumps into most currently popular fictional settings, from Star Trek and Star Wars through a dozen variants each of DC and Marvel to seemingly random ones like Sid Meier's Alpha Centauri and Kerbal Space Program. You can probably guess that I'm posting here because somebody's put together a jump-doc for Eclipse Phase. Oddly, nobody seems to have mentioned it on the forum yet, so I thought I'd ask what folk here thought of it. The sites holding copies of jump-docs sometimes move around, but Google should find them. If you want a specific item to chat about... I suspect the appearance of an Ego with odd memories, such as being from the early 21st century or having spent a few decades in various fictional worlds, wouldn't cause anyone in the EP setting to bat an eye, with various theories about living in simulspaces at faster-than-realtime speeds coming to mind of anyone who noticed. The fact that the individual as the Async-like power to create alpha forks and transmit them by touch, or if they've got a cubic foot of Iapetian computronium, or the like, seems likely lead to some shenanigans from a couple of intel agencies, but still within the bounds of normality. Said individual being able to demonstrate outright supernatural powers, straight from stories, such as the Jedi-like training of Joe Dever's Kai adepts, Naruto-style elemental magic, a Green Lantern ring, a couple of different FTL drives, and being able to induce people nearby into joining My Little Pony crowd-songs, among other options, seems like it would upset more than a few applecarts. Anyone care to offer thoughts on what sorts of reactions might result from such powers being publicly displayed?
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