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Eclipse Phase - FATE system rules (which is best? Are any finished?)

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Eclipse Phase - FATE system rules (which is best? Are any finished?)
We've got 3-4 somewhat finished conversions of Eclipse Phase to the FATE system. Honestly, that's the system I'd most be likely to play it in, since I admit I definitely lean towards story-based games. I own a copy of Diaspora (an awesome game! Finished a great Mass Effect campaign using its rules) and I love it. I also am intrigued by "Strands of Fate." The downside? Both of these games, although using the open games license, are retail products and are not open-source like Eclipse Phase. I feel that it might be more in the spirit of the game to make it entirely open. Anyway, of the aforementioned attempts - which are closest to completion? I skimmed all of them and they all seemed all right. So, yeah. There's loads of debate. But is there any sort of consensus? What's your opinion?
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Hey man, FATE is open source.
Hey man, FATE is open source. Strand of Fate is not open sourced on POWERS section, but thats it.

The Eternal Story Guide

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What About "Nova Praxis"?
Over on Kickstarter, you may find Nova Praxis - A Transhuman Sci-fi FATE Role-Playing Game by Mike McConnell. I asked why I should buy Nova Praxis instead of Eclipse Phase, and I got this answer.
The most obvious and direct answer is "rules system". The FATE system upon which Nova Praxis runs is very different from the system Eclipse Phase uses. But it's not just EP with a different rule set. Nova Praxis handles technology much differently. EP assumes humanity sort of continues on the path it's currently on. NP takes place after a technological singularity that changes the entire technological evolutionary paradigm. Nova Praxis also brings the Savants into the spotlight, which is one of the setting's more unique and interesting features if you ask me. NP also tackles post-scarcity and government in very different ways. As far as other differences go, I think you'll find your answers here: http://stuffershack.com/interview-with-mike-mcconnell-author-of-nova-pra... Also check out the links at the bottom of this page: http://voidstar.squarespace.com/nova-praxis My apologies for not providing a more concise answer here, but its a really big question and I think (hope!) you'll find more satisfying answers in the links above.
I suspect, but haven't checked, that Nova Praxis will turn out as a science-fiction heartbreaker, by analogy to http://rpgtalk.wikia.com/wiki/Fantasy_heartbreaker. I hope I'm wrong.
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