Eclipse Phase Core 3rd Printing PDF Sample character issue.

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Eclipse Phase Core 3rd Printing PDF Sample character issue.

AdamJury wrote:
The Doomed One wrote:
I have recently discovered that i can no longer turn off the backgrounds for the majority of the sample characters with out turning off the character art as well. I can still turn them off in the second printing pdf but for some reason the character art has merged with the background art in the third printing for every character but the first two.

Please update your PDF reader (I assume you're using Acrobat) to the absolute newest version, and give it another try. If it still doesn't work correctly, please start a new thread!

So I have done this and still have the issue. Adobe Reader X 10.1.0

For the Anarchist Techie, Argonaut Xenoarcheologist turning off the Page and Navigation layer removes page background without removing character art.

For Barsoomian Freelance Journalist, Hypercorp Black Marketeer, Jovian Spy, and Lunar Ego Hunter turning off Sample Character Text Turns off the background and text while leaving character art.

For every other other character turning off Sample Character Art Below layer turns off the background and character art.

Hopefully this is enough information to help me.

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