Eclipse Phase and Nights Dawn trilogy

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Eclipse Phase and Nights Dawn trilogy

Hello everyone. Not sure exactly where to post this, and thought it might do well here. Thought I might post this for discussion purposes. Has anyone read Peter Hamilton’s Nights Dawn trilogy? I just started readying it, but it sounds like it might have a few similar themes with Eclipse Phase. I may be completely off, since I’m just starting the books. I will say they are really spiking my interest in Eclipse Phase.

Just wanted to say hi, keep up the good work, and hope the quick start rules will be out soon.

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Hey Jimson

Hi, when you finish those jump to the Commonwealth books, they're just as good if not better than Nights Dawn. Nearly finished Judas Unchained and about to start the first in the Void Trilogy, all in less than a month i might
add. The books are long, but they read fairly quick. Imo, these are spot on for EP.

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I will most likely read

I will most likely read those. However, I'm currently reading a book at home, and reading the Nights Dawn trilogy on my lunch hour at Barnes and Noble. So, until I finish what I'm reading at home, it may take me awhile to get through Nights Dawn. : )

Right now I'm about 100 pages into Reality Dysfunction. I'm enjoying it very much, and can't wait for the horror aspect to begin, but have a feeling it might be awhile.

Has then been any mention as to what the horror aspect will be for EP?

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The horror aspect, as I

The horror aspect, as I understand it, comes from the "Exsurgent Virus". Not much is being mentioned by the creators as of yet, but the picture being painted is that there is ... something ... out there and it's lurking about the solar system too. Rumors abound from it having a major part to play in "The Fall" to stories of individuals warped by the virus into entities that barely fit the defination of "alien". It's not the only thing that Firewall has an eye on (there are plenty of horrible things humans, trans or otherwise, can come up with and now they have a much better budget to make it work).

...and it's not helping that the local neighborhood (abet, limited via what can be reached by Pandora Gates) is very quiet. The only aliens, at least the ones not just defined by the occasional artifact that is found, are very standoffish... almost like it's better to keep as quiet as possible least something is out there lurking and listening...

Add Alastair Reynold's "Revelation Space" series to your list... that will probably better give you an idea of what to expect. Not ruling out the occasional scary derilict ship or a one-way trip to someplace mucho nasty, but the bulk of the horror here appears to be in the vein of exestiential terror, a sort of Transhumanist Lovecraft where we are only now becoming aware of the galaxy as a forest with some nasty wolves lurking about...

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That sounds pretty exciting.

That sounds pretty exciting. What is "Firewall"? I also beginning to appreciate the sci-fi settings that do not have a whole lot of aliens. I watched the "Firefly" series not too long ago. And now reading the Nights Dawn trilogy. I grew up watching Star Trek and Star Wars, both of which deal a lot with aliens. But these settings (Firefly, Nights Dawn, Eclipse Phase) see a lot more exciting and a lot less confusing. I'll have to check out "Revelation Space", but it may not be for quite some time.

What are Pandora Gates? I'm assuming that is the method of space travel, like wormholes.

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"Firewall" is a cross-faction

"Firewall" is a cross-faction organization dedicated to confronting existential threats (ie, threats that could wipe us all out) and dealing with them. They have a number of kooky theories on threats that sound too much for even the average H+ crowd... problem is they are right about them.

I get the idea of a sort of posthuman Lovecraft "investigator" but am told to look more at the resistance movements of such films as "The Matrix".

Pandora Gates are artifacts left behind by the TITANS following the conflict of "The Fall". They appear to be complex wormhole generators... think Stargate... now make the Stargate even more weird... now burn the operation manual... especially the part covering how to figure out where it's sending you.

Seems like their are quite a few gates but the ones that lead to life-bearing colony worlds or the only known aliens are already in the hands of very powerful factions. The rest seem to have a bad habit of leading to places you don't come back from (which makes Forking and Mind Backups very valuable). If you ever read or heard of Frederick Phoul's "Gateway" series, think of that sans ships.

These are planet based from what I've been told. Typical travel in the solar system is done usually via broadcasting your mind to a destination and reciepient body, or the old-fashion way via spacecraft.

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Wow, very intresting. It

Wow, very intresting. It seems like the more I ask questions, the more questions I have. :) What is/are TITANS? From the forum, it is "Total Information Tactical Awareness Network" but from the way you word it, it seems like the exisited a long time ago. Perhaps it's the term "artifacts" that make me think that. Don't take this the wrong way GregH, but you seem to know a lot about the game. Where did you come across all this knowledge? I read through the blog entries and most of the forum. :)

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Got it from the blog and

Got it from the blog and forum, but there was a lot of discussion about the game on as well. Don't know anyone personally (though S John Ross lives in nearby Portland).

TITANS were the AI's that manage to override restrictions put on their growth and development, trigger a "hard takeoff singularity", and instigate a brief war that eventually sees them departing the solar system and leaving the Earth a ruin... least that's the official statement. In truth the whole story of why they did what they did remains a mystery (the writers did confirm that the major questions will be addressed in the core rulebook for GM purposes though... which is appreciated).

By "artifact" I meant, well, unusual thing. The impression given is that the TITANS made massive technological jumps in a short period of time and what has been left behind is still being puzzled over... not in the sense of it being an ancient thing... my fault there.

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Do you know how much of the

Do you know how much of the stuff on is fact? I think I’ll head over and take a peak and see what I can find to wet my appetite. Everything you’ve been informing me is very interesting. I just started playing Shadowrun 4e a year or two ago. I really liked the "timeline" they had in the beginning of the book. I’m assuming EP will have something similar.

That’s ok about the artifact. It all sounds very interesting.

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I'm only going on what comes

I'm only going on what comes from the writers themselves:) That said some other interesting thoughts are brought up. Largely debates on the issue of AI in the universe (the troupe of "Evil AI"... but in reality there is some question to that in EP) as well as the issue of the use of transhumanist tech and the argument of "dehumanizing" effects of said tech.

I'm pretty sure we will get some sort of timeline, it's probably going to be an interesting one as well. Between Earth being out of the picture and a large percentage of the population being effectively immortal the times will be interesting indeed.

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Earth's out of the picture?

Earth's out of the picture? Wow, I really do need to do some digging around over at I really can't wait to read the fluff of the book. Keeps getting more and more interesting.

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You'll find that in "The

You'll find that in "The Apocalypse and Other Portents of Doom" in the Forum section.

In a nutshell, the human/TITAN conflict really, REALLY dropped the overall property value. The planet is still for the most part intact (and in some areas can support life) but it's not a really safe place to visit. If I recall there is a sort of quarentine in effect as well...

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Strange...Went to the forums

Strange...Went to the forums and couldn't find it. I also did a search for Eclipse Phase and "The Apocalypse and Other Portents of Doom", and nothing came up.

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Sorry, THESE forums, not