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Eclipse Phase and Infinity RPG - a feeling of deja vu?

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Eclipse Phase and Infinity RPG - a feeling of deja vu?
Hi! I started reading a starter for Modiphius' Infinity RPG. I cannot help but get a feeling of powerful deja vu. I mean, in both Eclipse Phase and Infinity RPG you play secret agents with not-always clear agendas. Both are sci-fi RPGs, including wormholes and digitalized personalities that can be resurrected and there's also "hyper-Internet" in which you can effectively live. My biggest feeling of deja vu comes not from these points, however. Maybe it is just me, but the language they have used in both games seems... remarkably similar? Like, I feel like I am reading two different texts written by the same person. I am no linguist, but the artistic style seems to me to be the same. Is it just me? And no, I am not accusing anyone of plagiarism or something like that. I just see similarities, striking for me. I doubt that anybody had "stolen" ideas from anyone else. I just had this weird kind of feeling and thought might write about that on those forums. PS. I think both games are ok, you might check Infinity RPG if you did not yet :-)

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