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Eclipse passes through salem 4 times

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Eclipse passes through salem 4 times
It is an interesting coincidence that the 2017 eclipse will be seen in 4 cities named Salem: Salem Oregon Salem Nebraska, Salem Kentucky and Salem South Carolina.!!
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Off topic then on
I have been wondering if the game would use the upcoming eclipse to draw hits on search engines. Seems like not so much. Cool thing regarding Salem though!
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Interesting. I'm actually
Interesting. I'm actually going to be in the full/total eclipse zone myself for work. Guess that's what they meant by "exciting, once in a lifetime opportunities"!
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Next one cuts through New England April 8, 2024. I've already got my place to stay.
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yeah... living in south
yeah... living in south Carolina (only 12 seconds less than the longest totality time) I just sat in my back yard for the whole thing... pretty amazing.
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