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Doubt on Fractal Digits

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Sepherim Sepherim's picture
Doubt on Fractal Digits
Can a bio cut his hands out to implant himself with cyberhands with fractal digits? And, if so, can he implant himself with cybereyes so he can see them? :?
Iv Iv's picture
Re: Doubt on Fractal Digits
Frighteningly, I don't see why not. I must say that I have a hard time justifying the usefulness of a weak and expensive biomorph when it would be cheaper to have a synth body a la Ghost In The Shell...
Scottbert Scottbert's picture
Re: Doubt on Fractal Digits
I suspect it's because of the social stigma against synthmorphs -- and living in such a society, if you think of synthmorphs as something only the poor and eccentric will live in, would you choose one for yourself (unless you were eccentric, or in the outer system where this sort of thing is probably more common)? Even if you can cover it with fake-flesh, _you'd_ know. I suspect this is why there are fury morphs, rather than people just always using synths for combat.
Decivre Decivre's picture
Re: Doubt on Fractal Digits
I would say that it would essentially be a cyberlimb purchase, replacing the fingers on one arm rather than the hand (two cyberlimb purchases for all fingers, due to the cost of the unorthodox mod), followed by a fractal digit modification. Completely feasible, and fine in my opinion. You can even get it synthetically masked, though when you activate the fractal digits people will be able to notice.
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