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Does the Vibroblade bonus apply in combat?

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Does the Vibroblade bonus apply in combat?
Hey guys, I'm a relatively inexperienced EP GM just wanted a clarification on a small disagreement I'm having with one of my players. He is using a Vibroblade, and is applying the additional sawing bonuses when using the weapon in combat, whereas my reading of the rules would be that this bonus would only be able to be applied when the blade is used for carefully cutting through things (doors, obstacles etc). It just seems unreasonable to me that one would be able to use a "careful, sawing motion" in combat. We are playing 2e, but I believe that this ruling would apply similarly across both editions.
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No. I don't think it does. If
No. I don't think it does. If it did, I would think its weapon stats would reflect this. I think the additional sawing bonuses would only work if the opponents were standing still. That way, he could use the vibroblade how he wants. Edit: It even says the vibrating has little effect when doing combat actions like slashing or stabbing.