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Docbots in the field

I've been thinking about whether or not docbots are really useful in the real world. Obviously you can switch the wheels out for tracks for offroad places, but mostly they're still walking pace bots.

Aside from a healing spray, what portable medical equipment is there? Am I missing an entry? Am I underestimating the ability of the healing spray?

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In 1E, Docbots had healing

In 1E, Docbots had healing vats. Those could heal extensive injuries fast. They don't seem to have them any more.

Medical equipment? Lets see.

Tool Kit (Paramedic) allows you to perform first aid and surgery. First aid can heal some damage and get rid of some wounds. Its an advantage that biomorphs have over synthmorphs. It has some conditions for use, so its not a cure all. As for surgery, it might be needed to for a biomorph to heal properly.

Tool Kit (Biotech) is for adding and upgrading bioware.

A Tool Kit (Robotics) can be used to repair a synthmorph. It might be faster than relying on fixers or repair spray.

A medical kit and Medicine (Paramedic) test can put a person into medical statis, giving you the luxury of time to treat life threatening injuries.

I should note that Tools can come in larger forms, Tool Shops and Tool Facilities. These might be needed if the GM decides that an injury is beyond what a medical tool kit was designed for.

It is note worthy that Medicine (Paramedic) and Hardware (Robotics) tests can fail and thus waste your time.

Healing spray, meds, repair spray, and fixers are weaker forms of medichines. They don't last indefinitely while medichines will probably work so long as you are are alive or still functional. Medichines (and other related healing gear) are the second fastest forms of healing.

A fabber can produce medical supplies. You might need antitoxins and other medicine from time to time.

None of them can compete with healing vat or a large fabber. Even horribly mangled morphs can be healed in less than 24 hours.

The rules for healing and repair is on p. 221 if you want to know more.

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I remembered that I did a

I remembered that I did a sheet covering to figure healing and repair times. I mean, seeing the rates is different than seeing it in practice.

Assume that a morph has 40 damage and 5 wounds. With biomods, it would take 84 hours to heal the damage and 15 days to heal the wounds. With medichines, it would take 7 hours for the damage and 5 days for the wounds. With a healing vat, it would take 4 hours to heal the damage and 10 hours to heal the wounds. For a robot, it would take 48 hours to do a complete repair, 8 hours for the damage and 40 hours for the wounds. I don't know if you can do partial repair for robots (leaving the morph still damaged).

Since its on the same sheet, I'll cover repairing stress damage as well. So assume that an ego has 40 stress, 5 traumas, and 1 disorder. Natural healing will take 14 months for the stress (healing an average 3 points per test), 5 months for the traumas, and 3 months for the disorder. With psychosurgery, it would take 14 hours for the stress (healing an average 3 points per test), 40 hours the traumas, and 40 hours for the disorder. Psychosurgery can only do 1 hour a day, so 40 hours is going to mean 40 days. On the postive side, you can do time acceleration on a server to speed this time up.

A warning, this time assumes that you are passing your tests every time you must make a roll. Also keep in mind that traumas and disorders give out penalties to tests to recover stress damage, so a trauma 5 disorder 1 patient is going to suffer -60 penalty on WIL tests, and the psychosurgen is going to get a -60 penalty to their psychosurgery tests. You will probably be needing to perform 20 tests on average.

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-60 on the Healing test

With a penalty like -60 on recovery/psychosurgery test, it’s a good idea to spend a pool point to “ignore all modifiers”. For those downtime activities, it’s certainly worth it!

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I wanna check something. Can

I wanna check something. Can you recover pools while in accelerated simulspace? I was under the impression that it was not allowed by some rule I can't find at the moment. Something to prevent players from cheating the system or something. It would be a pain to have jump out of accelerated simulspace just because you ran out of pool points and need to recover them.

You don't need a lot. Just something to negate the penalties once every 24 hours in accelerated simulspace. 1 Flex should be enough. For the sake of the poor souls recovering stress in simulspace.

Edit: I'm not finding much rules on accelerated simulspace. About 1 paragraph on p. 268. Nothing to say you can or can't recharge pools in accelerated simulspace. So I guess the answer is "Why not?".

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Simulspace rules and recharge rate

Page 269 on simulspace rules says: “Time distortion has no effect on pool recharge rates”. So I guess the intention is to avoid making the waiting real time to recharge irrelevant...