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Do transhumans have menstral cycles and/or refractory periods

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Do transhumans have menstral cycles and/or refractory periods
I imagine that both of these have been genetically patched and deleted in the vast majority of biomorphs. Biomods make transhumans heal faster and they aren't using the uterus anyway so I imaging periods are a thing of the past. As for refractory periods, I imagine the hormone reception and neurotransmisions potentially associated with refractory periods can easily be manipulated by transhuman technology. Do you think transhumans have periods? Do you think transhumans have refractory periods? (I'm asking for a friend.)
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Basic biomods include
Basic biomods include ovulation on demand. No ovulation, No period of any kind is my understanding
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Yes to both.
Yes to both. My assumption is that modifying refractory periods was never a priority of most morph designers so most morphs still have them, but if it's a scum-made morph, or a pleasure-pod/sylph, assume that refractory periods have been completely modified out. As for ovulation, there's a short snippet in the description of basic biomods that mentions it iirc. Essentially, the process can be turned on/off and most default to off because. Exowombs are just safer in general if you want kids.
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Interesting question
Interesting question on both counts. It is canon that birth control is included with basic biomods (core book, page 300), and that morphs that aren't hit with GRM and are fertile are basically able to switch on their ability to reproduce at any point. Ergo, no periods. As far as refractory periods, it sounds like there is already plenty of evidence that the refractory period could be made nearly non-existent and is in fact already very short for some people, but that there's also evidence that the refractory period exists to avoid damage to the body. Granted, the latter would be less of a problem in an era with regeneration built into morphs (remember: basic biomods enable morphs to regrow limbs slowly like salamanders).