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Did I do this right?

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Did I do this right?
I am basically always the GM, have been for... nearly 18 years. So, I actually haven't made a character in EP before. I used the package system, then had to customize a bit (since I had some significant overlap and a few skills I wanted that weren't covered, so it all worked out). I'm just wondering if I did this right, my number-fu isn't as strong as it once was. And I don't have a name for her yet. * * * Originally martial security personnel, she joined the Ultimates some time after the Fall. While she agreed with the ideals of perfecting ones own self and using her power, she came to object to the practices of dismissing or even enslaving 'lessers.' She felt the Ultimates should stand more as an example for others than sequester themselves away as elite lords of their own making. As such she left the faction and returned home to Mars, finding work where she can. Other Ultimates tend to see her as weaker and naïve, but still consider her part of the faction. COG 10/20, COO 20, INT 15, REF 20/35, SAV 10/15, SOM 20/35, WIL 10/15 MOX 2, SPD 2, INIT 10 DUR 45, WT 9, DR 67 LUC 30, TT 6, IR 60 c-rep 50 @-rep 50 Ego Traits: Ambidextrous, Pain Tolerance 1, Black Mark (ultimates) 1 Skills: Academics: Biology 50 (60/70), Academics: Nanotechnology 40 (50/60), Art: Singing 40 (55), Beam Weapons 50 (65), Blades 40 (60/75), Climbing 30 (50/65), Clubs 35 (55/70), Deception 30 (40/45), Disguise 30 (45), Fray 20 (40/55), Freerunning 40 (60/75), Interest: Morphology 40 (50/60), Interest: Ancient Sports 30 (40/50), Interest: Martian Culture 30 (40/50), Intimidation 40 (50/55), Kinesics 40 (50/55), Kinetic Weapons 50 (65), Language: Native Cantonese 85, Language: English 20 (35), Networking: Hypercorps 30 (40/45), Perception 45 (60), Persuasion 25 (35/40), Profession: Security Ops 40 (50/60), Profession: Squad Tactics 50 (60/70), Programming 20 (30/40), Protocol 30 (40/45), Throwing Weapons 30 (40/50), Unarmed Combat 50 (65/80) Remade Morph – 60CP Gear – 300 credits Free – Muse, 1 month backup insurance; Basic Biomods, Basic Mesh Inserts, Circadian Regulation, Clean Metabolism, Cortical Stack, Eidetic Memory, Enhanced Respiration, Temperature Tolerance, Toxin Filters Weapons & Armor – Monofilament Sword (2d10 + 5, -4AP), Heavy Kinetic Pistol (2d10 + 4, -4AP), 200 rounds regular ammunition, Microwave Agonizer (pain; or 2d10, -5AP), Heavy Body Armor with Second Skin and Shock Proof and Offensive Armor and Fireproofing (16/16, +10 armor vs. fire, +10 resist shock, shock weapon on contact), Extendable Baton (1d10 + 5) Additional Implants – Eelware, Hardened Skeleton, Reflex Boosters, Medichines Normal Gear – Smart Clothing, Repair Spray Robots – Gnat Motivations: + Personal Development, + Self-Reliance, - Slavery
Reapers: Do Not Taunt Happy Fun Ball. My watch also has a minute hand, millenium hand, and an eon hand.