Diamond Dogs [Eclipse Phase, IRC/Roll20]

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Diamond Dogs [Eclipse Phase, IRC/Roll20]

Särskilda Insatsstyrkan 4 is a new unit meant to fill the niche of an elite and eclectic special operations unit under Titan's Ministry of Justice and Equality, created combat threats which fall beyond the capability of the civil militias and national police but outside the jurisdiction of the military's permitted domestic activities. Although it bears a degree of enmity from the public and regular police force for its known purpose as the enforcement branch of the Ministry's internal affairs division, the SI4 has a varied and often complex portfolio centered around the three Cs of post-Fall special operations: cyberwarfare, counterterrorism and counterexsurgency.

The unit recruits without regard to branch of service or background, selecting specialists of in their field to give it a flexible, all-round approach to operations. It maintains tight relations with CID, Fleet Intelligence and the regular police due to a smaller resource base and limited personnel, although the rapport is strained by the SI4's special status and its poaching of more than a few potential entrants.

Reflecting the quirks of Titanian society, the unit is publicly scrutinized and subject to public voting over budgets, its deployment to resolve ongoing crises (over other special operations units within the Commonwealth) and ultimately its very existence. As a pet project of Justice Minister Geeddi rather than a body formed by popular vote, the SI4 is especially vulnerable to closure should a major voting bloc form with the intent of closing it. Although anonymized to protect their identities and those of their families, the pressure of public opinion will weigh heavily on SI4's members.

For those willing to join, it remains the chance of a lifetime: with exclusive equipment, morphs and some of the most challenging assignments possible.

What is this? This is an Eclipse Phase game! I intend to primarily run it via Roll20 or IRC via text exclusively, the former being preferred due to logging features that ensure I'll have a record of what happens. I don't really intend to run via voice at all, even if text is quite a bit slower- it's just a case of personal preference and wanting to flex my writing muscles while GMing. Games will probably happen at night on Tuesdays or Wednesdays EST, although the gameday will ultimately depend on the schedules of those players I get. I do intend to run though so I probably won't try very hard to accommodate players who can't make the specific time, which will likely be evenings/late afternoons EST regardless.

Extensive knowledge of Eclipse Phase is highly recommended but not necessary. I can jointly work with those players inexperienced or simply unsure of what characters are appropriate for the campaign. Characters should have a background and skills that are conductive to police or paramilitary work (as well as matching temperaments). A certain amount of idiosyncrasy is encouraged, as long as the characters aren't actively plotting the downfall of the Commonwealth, the statist organization of Titan or the unit proper (especially given they were scouted for talent first and allegiances and history second). :P

Chargen will be at 1200 points, but I'd advise against spending all points right away or overspending on physical equipment since a certain baseline of gear will be provided by default. More rounded characters with one or two points of excellence are likewise encouraged over strict specialists.

By gamestart, the following houserules/system hacks will be written up for player use:
-A primer on a qualification system that broadens what equipment the group and individual members are authorized to be issued based on their performance and technical skill. Instead of buying or getting favors, characters will receive licenses that allow them to get certain equipment on demand.
-Gear rules that will represent custom, special-issue or high-grade gear that the players can acquire as personal items.
-A team writeup including the default equipment the team will have access to without expending CP on qualifications.

How do I join? Post your interest here if you're interested and believe you can make the listed times (the day is less important than that you're available on evenings proper). I'd highly recommend getting a Roll20 account and looking over how to use it, since it will likely be the platform for the game (although it's quite simple to use in reality).

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I'm so in.

I'm so in.

Skype and AIM names: Exactly the same as my forum name.

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Titanian Section 9? Access

Titanian Section 9? Access to top-end morphs and gear? Incredibly challenging missions? Count me in. Already have a Roll20 account and know how to use it, so no worries there.

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At risk of posting outside

At risk of posting outside forums and violating rules, here's a link to the Sufficient Velocity link, which is the forum where I'm doing primary recruitment.


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I just looked into Eclipse Phase a few days ago and I'd like to give it a go. I'm totally new to PnP games comparatively speaking, and my experience lies in D&D 3.5 only. I just miss the joy of gaming and hanging out so much that I'd love to take part. Let me know if there's room for me.