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Descriptive Sample Characters/Rules Cheat Sheet

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Descriptive Sample Characters/Rules Cheat Sheet
Hey guys (and gals, and other-gendered transhumanists), I'm running a GenCon game next week and I realized that the sample characters from the books gloss over a lot of details (like how much damage their weapon does and what each piece of cyber does). I was going to write these up by hand, but I wondered if anyone else has already done this and might be willing to share? I'm also going to be reducing the Quick-Start Guide to a 2 page cheat sheet, but again, if anyone else has done this already, please share! Thanks :) - nezumi
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Re: Descriptive Sample Characters/Rules Cheat Sheet
Okay, so I went ahead and did this for myself. Here is my two-page Eclipse Phase cheat sheet (revision 3): https://docs.google.com/leaf?id=19SvClIBwgOet5A21OOjShvl4LDgKuU98eAb0Tyw... Here are detailed sheets for use in addition to the Sample Character sheets as they appear in the books. Biomorphs: https://docs.google.com/document/d/1x5H1IabC2qihRG7abo6gcjjllrcM1Lg0a5hH... Synthmorphs: https://docs.google.com/document/d/15Zxsk5D9-cRQKI7Ex4d2FezEzOuCbbuqp3D8... Feel free to share, remix. put in suggestions, etc. I can't promise I'll keep these sheets updated (or even always available) but ... maybe I will : )
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Necro'd to say: Thanks! These
Necro'd to say: Thanks! These are going to be very helpful to me in running my first game.
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Would be awesome if you
Would be awesome if you could post these docs directly here or as a pdf link. I am in China with no current vpn and China hates google... Cheers