For the defense of Barsoom!

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For the defense of Barsoom!

To any leader, or ranking member of the Movement, I wish to help you with your struggle for independence.

I'm willing to pledge my sword, my ship and her crew to the liberation of Barsoom from the Planetary Consortium; particularly those who now live in chains.

My only request is that I meet the one known as "Jake Carter" for a duel as a test of his character. He bears the name of a personal hero of mine, and I wish to see if he lives up to his legacy.


Captain Leonid of the Accelerating Returns

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Your body is a tool. Hone it.
Transhummanity is a pantheon. Exalt it!

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I for one

I for one
Would pay to
see this

At least with Lovecraft, nobody pretends the gods are nice. And wherever you end up, there is guaranteed to be tentacles.