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Declassified files

Certainly not the most memorable part of my life but this job did make impact on me and influenced my future decisions.

Curious case of Hidekisan and Asukasan Kanegawa

During my criminal years on Mars I first heard about these two while being debriefed about new competitor for illustrious White Lotus Society (yeah, the sound you hear is racket of dead Buddhist turning in their graves). Since my Mountain Master don't like losing monopoly I got the duty of observing Asukasan.

First I must clarify the situation about Mr. and Ms. Kanegawa: they own distinguished bodyguard agency on Luna. What is specific about their bodyguards is that, while they are mostly furies, their primary function is not body-guarding but being a interesting companion (my 'well-read' partner dubbed them ninja-geisha). While not only bodyguards they were all indoctrinated to die (if needed) for their wards and possessed uncanny skills in armed/unarmed combat. Specific skills were added for customers pleasure (dancing, singing, debating, playing instrument...) and the weirdest part was that their bodyguards were volunteers, not psycho-surgery slaves...

As you can imagine my boss was not excited when he heard that player of this caliber expanded his territory from Luna to Mars. White Lotus Society did (in that time) hold majority of slave market and all 'questionable' wishes hyperelites wanted they provided for hefty profit.

When Asukasan arrived on Mars with private shuttle her husband rapidly left with all of their 'stock' to Bund, New Shanghai. And to tell you the truth when I saw this Japanese dude surrounded by pride of lioness all looking sexy and very, very dangerous something told me he'll make a killing by selling their services...

Asukasan was protected by some local guards (decent folk, but non-military background) and she immediately begun surveying martian social life and identifying martian culture (from inside). Soon afterward they went to Flesh, multifloor dance club. Asuka changed her traditional kimono in more practical formfitting jumpsuit that distinguished her feminine curves in dancers body. She begun by imitating dancers and their style and slowly she added more and more of her own improvisation. Quickly everybody noticed small dancer with inexhaustible energy that mesmerized entire male population with provocative and yet elegant dance with other female dancers where she 'magically' knew exactly what style of dance is the person most proficient with. After captivating entire audience and exhausting most of them she shifted into higher gear and incorporated acrobatics of someone born on much more then 0.376g. The climax of her dance left spectator speechless and I often remember this performance whenever I need to cheer up.

Follow-up is not so interesting where they visited Skye (transparent dance floor on top of New Shanghai), Miniscule of Sound (mobile 'club' stationed currently on Direct Action HQ), real experience of martian dust-storm from ground zero with blue sunset over the Olympus Mons...

During that time I got to organize 'welcome committee' for Asukasan and when they went in exploration of Olympus and his, uniquely, abandoned neighbors the trap sprung. Her guards held valiantly but being equipped with nonlethal weaponry numerical superiority did its number... Goons did as ordered, nobody got killed and respectful suggestion was carried over.

Of course, this didn't stop Kanegawas and immediately we outsourced this to external specialist who, as I heard, managed to corrupt Olympus sky-lift system so it slinged them to Phobos instead of leisured orbital tour...

I don't know what happened to both of them, because I decided to quit this life and left for Locus, but I really liked both of them and hope they managed their affairs.

Edit: The idea behind this thread is to write one job/event/FUBAR... your character had that is now declassified so others can know about it [or you just want to reap some rep... ;] Good use for adventure seeds and bragging contest.

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Re: Declassified files

April, 01 AF, Friday 13.
Permanent historical document. DO NOT ERASE.
Approved for release 25-Jul-104 AF

I knew, I just knew that something would go wrong. Those bastards set me up! No wonder I got approval for my expedition on such short notice. When I said I need 5 hour window for Gate use: no problem, I don't have enough funds to pay for extra surveillance drones, can they lower the Gate fee: no problem, can they check on me later if expedition is alright: no problem... Those swindlers knew that nobody want to use Gate on such a bad date so I got stuck with Friday the 13th. Everybody involved was so excited to go explore potentially habitable exo-planet they didn't even notice the date and when the day came and the drone verified P3X-584 if terrestrial planet with enough O2 and non-poisonous atmosphere we rushed through the gate to galvanized to stop and think.

Once we got there our stupid biologist started jumping with joy triumphantly declaring that Nitrogen is at 78%, Oxygen at 21%, Argon at 0.9%, Carbon dioxide at 0.03%... or otherwise perfectly breathable atmosphere just like on Earth, Others confirmed that gravity if at 1 earth standard, day seemed around 24h and temperature was pleasantly 23'C. When we dispatched surveillance drones to scan the area I had a horrible feeling that we will all die on this rock but nobody listened my warnings, to thrilled by each discovery that make this planet closer to Earth.

At the end of day nobody noticed Gate command failure to contact and check on us, everybody was planning massive migration of Earth refugees here. After 3h waiting for command to contact us I tried establishing wormhole to Pandora's Gate but nothing seemed to happen. By the time I gave up word spread out that we are cut out from rest of humanity. Majority took that pretty calm and soon focus of emerging society shifted on survival in this very hospitable world.

After our astrophysicist/cook tried some local flora & fauna and didn't died screaming, people started to settle down and soon I was only one trying to establish connection to the home. Something must have been in food & water because I noticed all of them changing, slowly at first but more and more later they enjoyed this copy of Earth to much and nobody cared that statistical chance to hit discovery this big is almost zero.

Being perfectly reasonable I took CM and used only my waste as building materials for food, cause who know what this place can do to me... Other seemed distressed with my behavior and tried to take my CM but few bursts from my assault rifle convinced them to leave me alone. After many sleepless nights in which I tried establishing stable wormhole I finally succeeded. Unfortunately not to Earth but with enough time and luck I'll be there soon. So I have left this recording in case somebody gets here to warn them of this sundew planet. Wish me luck... even better, visit me when I got home, drinks are on me!

We found remains of 13th expedition on P3X-584, recovery of cortical stacks successful but all are corrupted. Nobody seems to got farther then 10m from gate. This recording belongs to dr. Samuel Joyce trying to re-establish return wormhole...

So Long, and Thanks for All the Fish.

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Re: Declassified files

May, 07 AF, Monday 03.
Permanent historical document. DO NOT ERASE.
Approved for release 18-Apr-216 AF

First thing I remembered after regaining consciousness was strange ringing in my ears. I tried opening my eyes but the world was spinning so fast that content of my stomach quickly left the premises. I think I fainted two more times until I finally got up without throwing up acid from my empty stomach.

There was something wrong with my perspective until I realized I was in the middle of the crater on mountainside. Edges of the crater were perfectly smooth and there was faint smell of roasted meat. Soon I realized the clothes on my back was gone, my skin there was pink and itchy plus my medichines reserve was almost empty. Not wanting to think how close to death this was I got up and surveyed close environment.

I seemed to get on habitable planet rich with terrestrial life so there wasn't immediate threat to my life. I started searching for elements needed to replenish my nanite reserves and while common elements ware easy to find, gold, tungsten and other elements will require extended search. Thankful for work required to survive, so I don't think about my situation, I throw my self in day to day activities.

After couple of months I found tribe of primitive humanoids and subsequently studying them I realized they were Homo sapiens. How they got on this exo-planet I had no idea but my budding madness from lack of human contact didn't object very hard. Within couple of days my muse managed to translate some keywords so I broke my cover and entered the village.

Tribesman were suspicious at first but having muse that is expert on reading body-language and first contact helped a lot so I enjoyed human company once more. I really loved the time spent with Chakwas (phonetic name of their tribe), especially teaching them how to build better and durable homes plus boats & wagons, how to irrigate, plant and store, how to read and write...

But even good times couldn't stop me to realize that stellar constellation are too similar to Earth's and that no matter how impossible that sounded that I was stranded in past... Being alone in distant past made me feel vary alone despite Chakwas so I decided one impossible thing deserve the another: I started surveying for required materials and when found and stocked them I programmed my nanites to replicate themselves. After many trials and errors I managed to make my personal nanofabricator. Not stopping at that I make bigger ones until I could make a shuttle (from recently "borrowed" blueprints). Requiring those kind of resources made me form a nation of my Chakwas so they could go where needed and bring me what I needed.

After many years of joint work I finished my shuttle. Seeing what I made out of one rowing tribe almost made give up but no matter how good society Chakwas made I was like a god to them and very soon that become absurd (every attempt of intelligent communication was useless). I wished them good luck and said my farewells knowing that I won't see them ever again.

My target was Vulcanoid Gate which was easiest to reach (no planetfall) and I could activate, hopefully. I could hardly believe that I was actually going home: I was so nervous that I almost missed my launch window. Increasing gravity told me that this was no dream and that I was really speeding up toward Vulcanoid Gate. I wrote many massages for my friends and family to receive immediately after my arrival home...

Finally, end of my exile was here: I was approaching V-2011/Caldwell low on fuel, air, food and nerves when sun shined on asteroid. There was revealed to me that Vulcanoid Gate was not from here and that after all this effort I'm going to die alone in space...

Since my cortical stack is not going to survive couple of millennium into the future I'm writing this in diamond in hope someone will found it. All I want from you is to say farewell to my son, his name is Richard Corwin. Tell him I love him very much and I'm very sorry not to be with him when he needed me the most.

Inside of class M asteroid found diamond plate with engraved markings that resemble ancient Babylonian language.

So Long, and Thanks for All the Fish.

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Re: Declassified files

I really hate losing time! Dying is worse but over time trauma is diminished and memory become a part of me... but lost time I don't remember is always nagging me. What have I done in that time? Did I learn something important? Did I meet someone?
This time gap was 3 months long. It was too much to ignore so I started following my trail.
Fortunately I knew what kind of aliases/identities I use so data mining wasn't too hard... First, my lost me left Mars and went to Oort habitat. Getting there was little tricky because they went off the grid so farcasting was no option. Contacting some shadier contacts enabled me to... 'rent' a transport shuttle and hopefully arrive there quickly.
During slingshot maneuver alarms started screaming incoming missiles (slingshot from opposite side of planet, conveniently hidden by moons and accelerated to ungodly part of light speed) and 'low' energy lasers to fry ship sensors.
First time they did this to me in simulator I died in 0.5 seconds followed by thermonuclear/antimatter explosion of my ship barely seconds afterwards. This time I did prepare by leaving my body in deceleration/healing pod and entering ship systems. What actually saved me by the skin of the teeth was my little swarm of drones making defensive perimeter around my craft.
So, after first alarms kickstarted my frenzied orders, time slowed. With almost beautiful grace antimatter missiles raced towards me in slow but inevitable arcs. While losing operational sensors to hostile lasers my fork managed to intercept crippling beams with timely explosion of few drones buying me time to calculate missile trajectories and intercept them with my suicide drones. What followed was spectacular explosion of 5 small suns at point blank range.
Playing dead with charred front of the ship, extinguished engine and drifting through cooling plasma wasn't that hard so whoever wanted me dead could stop chasing me... or so I hoped.
This kind of hostility means that I'm on the right trail so I usually welcome it, only this time I was... a little bit surprised by the scale of response.
With half dead ship limping toward destination I constantly waited for last missile to finish me of, but my welcoming committee seemed to have tight budget so death didn't come.
After couple of weeks I managed to repair what could be repaired on ship and arrived at Oort location. Unfortunately my biomorph flatlined beyond healing so synthmorph was the body of choice.
Offline habitat seemed to develop another ability: stealth. I just couldn't find it where it was. At first I thought it moved but slowly I realized it was destroyed in very tiny bits... Someone didn't want any trace of this habitat and I suspected owner of previous missiles have something to do with it.
With purpose in my mind I started searching debris until I hit jackpot. Black-box containing several egos. Quickly initiating simulspace to interrogate the survivors I found out that my former self entered Oort as maintenance technician, befriended the interrogated egos (all considered me their good friend) until suddenly he (I) started acting weird and forced them to make instant backups (last memory). Further digging in black-box revealed self-destructing message.
'Message to me: if you are so stupid to come here, again, then try to save this people. I managed to upload as many as I can but destruction of infected code/egos is more important then saving entire habitat... while this is true I don't want to remember what I did or how I could possible save more of them. Goodbye.'
After reading this I almost didn't notice warning signals: more missiles approaching me. It seemed I wasn't the only one aware of threat contained in Oort habitat. The last thought passing through my mind before the ship was disintegrated were that hopefully I won't be so fuc*king inquisitive next time.

No trace of habitat remaining, found black-box containing several egos. All information put under code red containment protocol.

So Long, and Thanks for All the Fish.