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Date calculator.

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Date calculator.
So, in my current game I am getting a little bogged down in dates. My PCs are trying to figure out a murder (well, multiple murders of forks of their client) and time/dates are getting more and more important. Now, I am using Zulu time basked on the Earth calendar. This makes things easy as we are all quiet familiar with this one. However, converting Zulu times to Martian, Venusian, Titanian, etc... day is getting really irritating. Does anyone know of an utility to calculate those? It should be pretty simple to write given a starting point in time. However, I have not see anything like that done. If this does not exists, I am tempted to write it myself. The data is all there, all that is needed is a little code.
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Re: Date calculator.
In a lot of these cases, it's fairly irrelevant. Anything past Mars, the Sun is going to be so weak that day and night cycles are based off of artificial lighting. So they can choose whatever standard for time they want. For all of your cylindrical habitats and toruses, some part of the habitat is ALWAYS in day, so again, choose a standardized 'time zone' and be done with it. Mercury the days are a year long, so not a concern there. Around the sun the day is... well, all the time. So again, no concern. Venus the habitats move, so it's whatever they want. Lunar days are extremely long, so they'll want to stick to an artificial clock. Really, the only people who are going to have their own clock is the Barsoomians. The Martian day is something like 23 hours. Given that Mars is sort of the NYC of EP, I'm sure there was some debate about whether they stick to the old Earth calendar and times, just as a standard meter, or if they switch over to the Martian one, so someone is at least using that calendar. I don't know who won on the hourly clock, but it seems clear we use the standard Terran calendar still. For simplicity, I'd argue they still all use the Terran clock as well. Some habitats are adjusted to it (and have 24-hour days that start at 6am and end at 6pm), some are not. The relevancy of the 'universal clock' depends on local standards. Seems simplest and most logical.
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Re: Date calculator.
Since a large amount of society is going to be based on the remembrance of Earth, I'd imagine that most people use a common universal standard still based on Earth standard time (likely UTC). This is mainly to create a standard system for time by which the entire system can rely on, but also due in part to the fact that most people probably rely on artificial lighting, while living in habitats and stations which shield their inhabitants from the direct rays of the sun (they are far more brutal when you aren't protected by a magnetosphere and ozone layer), or are too far away from the sun for it to really matter. Earth is likely kept as a standard for a number of things as well... years, dates, and even distances may still be based on the standards set on Earth; we likely still use Earth years, Gregorian calendar months and day names, and large distances are likely measured either in AU or gigameters.
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