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Data Access/Intrusion/Control

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Data Access/Intrusion/Control

Considering EP is supposed to be a mature technological society, where almost everyone is supposed to be an infomorph [nod to GURPS, I think]...
...How are you going to handle unauthorised access/intrusion/control ??

Hopefully not with dungeoncrawl hacking or individual programs.

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Not everyone is an infomorph,
Not everyone is an infomorph, but there are a lot of infomorphs, forks, and AIs. In EP, everyone has a personal assistant AI called a muse that handles a lot of your online interactions. Given the availability of infomorphs and AIs, most systems are actively monitored. Hacking is handled in two parts. The actual intrusion part takes time to find an exploit and is a standard skill test (there is a bruteforce option, but it's not pretty). Once in, you have to bypass the active security, which is an opposed test against the monitoring AI/infomorph. This is actually a "variable opposed test," meaning that there are more options than simple success/failure. How well you do determines what countermeasures can be applied against you. Software is required for some actions, but it's not rated. It may provide test modifiers though.

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