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Darkcast Wiki locked?

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Tyrnis Tyrnis's picture
Darkcast Wiki locked?
Is anyone else unable to contribute to the Darkcast Wiki? Granted, I just created my account a few days ago, but I have options to submit an article or story to the Eye, but get access denied when I try to add content to the wiki.
CodeBreaker CodeBreaker's picture
Re: Darkcast Wiki locked?
I just tested it, and I had no trouble. I think Sysop may have added the same vetting protocols that we use here, so there is a chance that, until you have posted a few times, your account might be flagged. Over here its to prevent spam, over there its probably to reduce vandalism. Try posting a few more times on the forums, even if they are just gobble, and see if that fixes it. If it doesn't, try throwing a PM to Sysop either here, or over on the Darkcast site.