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Damage and Wounds, Stress and Traumas

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Damage and Wounds, Stress and Traumas
I have a question regarding the damage system and I think it's just something that is lost in translation.

Suppose I have a morph with a wound threshold of 8.
Now the morph gets damage from one attack that equals 6, he gets 6 damage. If they is hit once more, lets say he gets 4 points of damage they is at damage 10, wound 1 and gets a penalty of -10. Is this correct? Or does a character gets only wounds if a single attack exceeds the wound threshold?
If the latter is the case and the character has already a lot of damage, there are no modifiers if there are no wounds?
Same question for traumas. Does accumulated stress leads to traumas or does a character gets only a trauma if a single event causes stress which exceeds the trauma value?
If accumulated stress exceeds Lucidity the character has a mental breakdown and will be functional as soon stress will be less than Lucidity. If stress exceeds Lucidity*2 the character is beyond "repair". Can someone give me an example how this can happen because when the character is in between Lucidity and Lucidity*2 I can't see how one could get more stress.
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Single attack. p 207 Damage

Single attack. p 207

Damage points never give modifiers. p 206

Same answer for traumas. p. 209

I would say that from a pure rules point of view, only Psi seems to be able to inflict additional stress points after stress=lucidity. It would be difficult to inflict further stress on someone in a catatonic state. As a DM I'd interpret this catatonia as a state in which the mind continues active but is unable to act. That's not exactly what the text says, but it makes actual permanent insanity possible, and that's a nasty thing to throw into a story.