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Cybernetic Augmentations inspired by Deus Ex: Human Revolution/Mankind Divided

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Cybernetic Augmentations inspired by Deus Ex: Human Revolution/Mankind Divided
Getcher Jensen on, [url=https://docs.google.com/document/d/108e9g3thp-D9_qBDpa3wFhnUhsS2woUrZniP... here[/url]! Basically, I created a bunch of augs for EP based on ones from DXHR/MD, particularly Jensen's iconic ones. I'd like to consider doing more with movement types and cyberlegs, but I'm exhausted and those kind of exceed the scope of a Deus Ex inspired document. But anyway, have a looksee.
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This is a very good an
This is a very good an comprehensive list - a great tool for someone who likes the games and wanted to directly model them in the the EP game (though obviously advances in EP tech make installing some of that stuff directly into your body, or with chrome a little redundant). I've done some entries on H-Rep which were inspired by DX augs, like a hand mount version of the shockwave on the laser pulser or a robotic enhancement Electrogravitics system, but those were much more in line with EP as a universe than directly pulling from DXHR. (I/E the Icarus analog just works like the Electrogravitics net only it's in the bot directly not an external equipment)
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