Cyberbrain option from Rimward?

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Cyberbrain option from Rimward?

Is the cyberbrain option from Rimward a full synthmorph cyberbrain that allows "drag and drop" backup and re-sleeving, or does it still require an ego bridge?

To me it seems it does not need an ego bridge like the pod morph cyberbrain does, but I'm not sure.

Biomorphs With Cyberbrains

The cultures of the outer system are far more accepting of forking and regular resleeving. For this reason, many biomorphs in the outer system are equipped with cyberbrains rather than organic brains by default. This makes the resleeving process quicker (less than a minute as opposed to an hour) and makes it substantially easier to fork. The drawback is that cyberbrains are vulnerable to hacking (p. 261, EP). Biomorphs with this option have Access Jacks, Cyberbrain, Mnemonic Augmentation, and an optional Puppet Sock.
Increase CP Cost by 5; Credit Cost remains the same.

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Yeah, cyberbrains don't need

Yeah, cyberbrains don't need egobridges. And the pod-morph uploading still needs an ego bridge cause it's half-biological, but a pod or biomorph with a cyberbrain does not need an egobridge.

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