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Custom Morph Rules

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Custom Morph Rules

Hi-Ho Eclipse Phase readers. Thought I might post a link to something I have been working on over on the RPG.net forums. Basically its a ruleset that lets players and GMs make their own Morphs that are balanced to the system in both CP Cost and Credit Cost. It works quite well, the system is really quite flexible and easy to use.

Examples of what I made and posted so far using the system: Neo-Dolphins for use in Europa, a Neo-Scorpio Combat Morph with a functioning Stinger and a Tachikoma Battle Tank that can do everything a Tachikoma can in the GitS Anime.

http://forum.rpg.net/showthread.php?t=470503 Linkage

At the moment the system is only really designed to make BioMorphs. You can make Synths with it, but it needs a fair bit of system bending to make work. The Tachikoma example is a Synth, but that used a fair bit of throwing CP Costs at unlisted things (Movement Rates and things)

Sorry if this is the wrong section. It seemed to most appropriate.

If you want to test how robust the system is, feel free to suggest a concept for construction. I will be happy to make it, and include a quick rundown on how I went about it. The linked thread had such an example, but it used the 1.0 version of the CP Costs, and so didn't survive the changes I made.

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Great work! Liked it so much

Great work! Liked it so much I linked it on my website.
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Re: Custom Morph Rules
CodeBreaker wrote:
a Tachikoma Battle Tank that can do everything a Tachikoma can in the GitS Anime.
Homage and acknowledging influence are fine, but I wouldn't outright yank a concept/name from a existing series. Keep the idea, but at the very least, I'd change the name, especially if you are posting this on your own website. Eclipse Phase might be under a Creative Commons license, but Masamune Shiro's manga/anime universes aren't.
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Re: Custom Morph Rules
Think you might compile those rules into a PDF?
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Re: Custom Morph Rules
Awesome, simple and strightforward, now we just need some synthmorph love.