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Custom Character Sheet

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Custom Character Sheet
Hi everybody! This is my first post but I wanted to share my creation with everyone. I DM for a small group of friends and we play online so we needed a custom character sheet. Some of our players aren't even particularly savvy at looking things up on the web/in the book so I built a spreadsheet that'll open in OpenOffice and allow you to fill it in for yourself. It even fills itself in for the most part! Now, it's no professional quality or anything but it should have most of the features players will need. It's great for playing at a table too if you have a laptop/ipad with you and you can edit it and update it on the fly. Feel free to redistribute it, but please credit myself (WskOsc) with its creation. There are two files attached, the base blank sheet and my own character sheet that's slightly customised to allow for a DUR boost that a morph augmentation provides. Thankyou for taking a look and I hope someone can find some use for it! Also, you can contact me at wskosc@gmail.com if you have any suggestions/questions about the sheet.
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Is grateful~
thanks for sharing~ ;)
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