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[Crowdsource] [New Morph] Splitter Synth Morph

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[Crowdsource] [New Morph] Splitter Synth Morph
Physicality - This synth morph stands between 4 and 5 feet tall with a roughly humanoid appearance. The morph can be divided into two separate morphs, the exoskeleton and the endoskeleton, each able to function independently, acting as a fork which can be reintegrated once the morph is reassembled. While the morph is assembled, the splitter has a Master-Slave relationship, maintaining one of the egos with full control of the physical interface, and the other as a ride-along infomorph. Market - This is a preferred morph well for transhumans who want to give their muses limited and temporary physical independence or as a cheap way of experiencing multiple existences without having to worry about buying a separate morph or breaking social mores. There are some who offer sharing the morph with other egos as a temporary solution for physical transport, or in more committed relationships, a gesture of intimacy or even dominance. Functionally, these morphs are popular as semi-autonomous servants in infomorph habitats and as skilled maintenance puppets. More recently, they've been found to be excellent infiltration morphs as the cost and adaptability allows for an extreme affinity toward aftermarket customization. Its also become the synth morph of choice for low-rep independent modification developers and the custom modding community for the same reason.
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Second Cyberbrain?
It seems from what you want that a simple ghostrider module would not be sufficient- although it would be enough for the ride-along combined section, it would not be enough for the separated mode (which I am currently stuck imagining as the saucer splitting off from the engines in ST:TNG) Also, would the Exo portion be almost akin to a skin, that fits around the endoskeleton portion? How does the exo skeleton get around? Would you allow, say, the inner torso portion to detach from a frame, and then that portion fold out legs and be able to walk about on its own? While the main morph compensates the weight with a different walking program? In general though, you would need a second cyberbrain and a second mobility system just for controlling the second body. Would come out to about 1250 credits (moderate+low) extra for this system at the very least, if you had a cyberbrain and a walker system. Hope it helps!