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Crow Brothers

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Crow Brothers
This is a random brainstorm I had last night for an uplift rights terrorist cell. Jim, Joe, James, John, and Jack Crow are all Crow uplifts. I don't have a full story work up yet. But basically Jim was named Jim Crow by the scientists that uplifted and forced him into indenture. Instead of working out his time, he escaped with a neo-corvid morph and joined MIRA (Mercurial Independent Revolutionary Army). During this time he became increasingly distressed with one particular part of uplifting, the removal of certain instinctual behaviors that aren't acceptable in a "hominid centric" transhuman society. He argues, quite passionately, that this is another form of oppression. That uplifts have the right to act upon their own instinctual programming regardless of how "unsightly" it is to the greater transhuman population. As such, Jim Crow has upgraded his morph to allow him to eat carrion safely, and has a tendency to pick pocket shiny objects. He's had a psychosurgery to make these traits a more natural part of who he is. This lead to an urge to roost with those of his kind, so he stole four other neo-corvid morphs, forked himself, and now travels around the inner system liberating troubled uplifts (especially neo-avian). His goal is to populate an entire habitat in the inner belt with Neo-Corvids that have more of their instinctual Corvid nature intact. Each of his forks is an alpha fork, though they have been active for so long they don't see each other as forks. He is part of MIRA, who has spent years capturing scientists and technology from various uplift focused hypercorps. They have a hidden habitat in the main belt that they use as a research facility. They have forced captured scientists to work on uplifting species with other uplifts in control. The scientists are all resleeved in an uplift morph of some type, ando forced to work in indenture equal to the number of years of indenture they are responsible for themselves (so hundreds and hundreds). While Jim and his brothers prefer Avian morphs, he knows that they aren't always available and would draw too much attention. Occasionally they can be found on some main belt station in splicers or bouncers, walking around like they are in a flock, searching out Intel for where to strike next or just taking shiny objects from others. --- yes, this is a little bit racist. These crows are based off the five crows from Dumbo. I liked the idea of a group of dispossessed and oppressed uplifts finding a bit of solace that they weren't the only ones ever treated this poorly. Racism is largely a thing of the past, now that anyone can be any race if they wish it (or could afford it). I don't think I'll have them speak like the crows from Dumbo. This cell, however, isn't a joke. They all have a wide variety of skills (Jim as the primary ego is amazingly intelligent and capable, which translates to his brothers too), and are an extremely dangerous group to any hypercorp that profits from uplifting. MIRA operates off of @-rep, and will work with non uplifts of that network within the inner system, though they aren't their first choice. MIRA has been accused of being separatists, and for many members this isn't an unfair assessment. I'd like thoughts and feedback. Discussion on radical uplift movements a plus!
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