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Cross Thread post? Space SHip details for adventures

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Cross Thread post? Space SHip details for adventures
Hello ALl, Sorry for the cross thread post but I posted this in Homebrew but thought it might be better here... Im not sure. Ships arent discussed much - mostly as a mechanism to GET to an adventure, I believe was the phrase? I was looking for some detail when ships ARE the adventure.... Large ships that appear where they shouldnt be... Pilotted by no-one.... or too everyone... or multiple copies of one single person... ZRBNY ships come to mind,.... but lots of other options too.... http://eclipsephase.com/looking-ideas-space-maps Ive posted some ideas as to generic locations that might be on board a ship... Yes Ive lifted some Medical labs straight from the Skills Academics list of Fields... Firstly, have you used ships AS the adventure? Exploring the unknown? Next, what have you put in those ships? What detail fits within a Post Fall (or PreFall ship that survived, drifted, etc) ship? Thanks and I look forward to your details...
Regards, Jason Brisbane
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I usually just go to
I usually just go to projectrho, and just add the things that EP has, going into detail for a speaceship its a huge work. But the spaceship Im using right now its a SSTO that I designed without thinking so much in technicall details, it doesnt have still a name and its just called that "SSTO". My players are going to stablish a colony for 200 people(divided in anarchists, argonauts, ultimates, extropians and jovians... yeah, fun assured!) in a planet called Zarmina which has his Pandora gate in his moon: Cerberus, since the planet is full of interesting resources like fissionables any investment will definely pay off, so the previous "owner" of the colony, asked the DIY shipyard to help him make a ship specifically designed to transport cargo from the moon to the surface, even if it was really heavy cargo, and actually put himself to the task on directing and adding the resources for the ships while at the same time making sure that he could fit it in throught a Pandora gate in every step of the process, I made it really cheap, the thing is almost a rocket with wings since most of its instruments depends on UrsaXV(the station in Cerberus that holds the Pandora Gate), and consist of a huge cargo bay(not even with life support unless you add it) that can be accesed from the bottom and a dual engine system, where you have 1 metallic hydrogen engine for space and 2 methane-oxygen motors on its side to go throught the atmosphere, and it needs a landing strip of 1 km to take off in the planet surface and more acceleration as it tries to scape gravity(almost like the earth). The only pilot is inside a ciberbrain, assisted by an AI and the control station is in UrsaXV, making his flight very assisted, the pilot that takes the SSTO can't be anyone since he has to carry a lot of mass without instruments onboard but just some sensors that sends the data to UrsaXV, a flight plan calculated before the mission which needs to be have a B,C and D backup plan and really make it work. This spaceship can't stand a solar storm and nothing close to the super acidic clouds and rain of Zarmina(the planet has a corrosive atmosphere and its even more corrosive in those clouds or in his rain) so the colonist can expect to get physically isolated from time to time, so I wouldnt recomend Zarmina as a vacation paradise(radiation, corrosion, metorites, -50 Cº, the day lasts 35,4 hours.. its not exactly a funny place but at leasts "seems" TITAN free, and the only life is under enormous biocupules so except for all those things, all these resources that can't be extracted since the lost of the Earth are you for the taking)