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Creative uses of technology?

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Creative uses of technology?
What creative ways have you thought of to employ EP technology? I had an idea for a character who wore a set of extra robotic arms on her back- which was actually a detachable flexbot sleeved with a fork of her ego.
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The humble Fur Coat
The Fur Coat looks like a useless novelty item on the equipment list, right? Of course it's not right, I posed it as a hypothetical question. This is not a piece of equipment, this is a live animal, one that can be controlled with the Handle Animal skill. It's not super competent at… anything, and it has comically low hit points, but a Fur Coat can do any task that requires nothing more than a warm body/active synthetic. Wear a living fox scarf and it can function as a third hand for small objects! Command your leather pants to slither through the window with your spare burner Ecto and you have a ghetto drone! Give your vest made of fine gorilla chest a Skin Pocket implant and nobody will ever find your Pre-Fall pornography! The advantage of a Fur Coat is that they usually don't register as a thing to pay attention to. It's not like Smart Clothing, where its use for infiltration is obvious. Nobody wants to say they were defeated by tripping on a pair of mobile gatorskin boots.
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