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Creative Commons Question

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Creative Commons Question
I just wanted to check I understand the license. If I wanted to write an adventure or a whole campaign for EP, and publish it for sale on drivethrurpg, would I be prevented by the license? I know the license does not allow commercial use, but wasn't sure if that just applied to the original rule books or also to 'derivative' material like original adventures using the rules set? Thanks
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Selling for money? Yes, you
Selling for money? Yes, you can't do that under the license. If you're giving it away for free though, that's totally legit.
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There's (at least) two facets
There's (at least) two facets to consider here: * The non-commercial license for the Eclipse Phase material. * Eclipse Phase as a logo/brand is a trademark that requires our permission to use. So, your options: * Release it for free. * Pitch it to us to see if we want to publish it. * Pitch a licensing opportunity to us. (info@posthumanstudios.com for such biz stuff)
Karmarainbow Karmarainbow's picture
Thanks both. These replies
Thanks both. These replies (and some further research i've done) makes the position clear. Adam, interested in the idea of a pitch. Is there anything specific you guys are looking for at present? Also, do you have any submission guidelines anywhere? Cheers
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Creative Commons and Donations
Hi to all, as part of my learning course in Android Development, I would like to create an App that allows Players and Master to create and manage characters. It is not my intention to distribute the App in ways that are not in compliance with the Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 3.0 License (CC BY-NC-SA 3.0 US). As a developer, however, I would like to know whether the use of donation buttons (PayPal Donation, Buy a Coffee or Gitcheese) can be used - on websites, social networks, GitHub repositories - without any problems and/or additional permissions from the licensee (Posthuman Studios). The donation will be not linked in any way to the development and distribution of the final product but as a form of appreciation - not mandatory - of my work. Sure in your answers. Best regards
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