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Create your own habitat

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Create your own habitat
Before to start, I want to introduce myself. I'm a spanish roleplayer who has recently discover Eclipse Phase. I'm not played yet. Excuse my english, I don't use it too much. My idea is to use this theme to public our own ideas to habitats, where PCs can live or play adventures. That's my idea. France-sur-monde (formally, Charles de Gaulle station): Orbit: HEO Station type: Torus Allegance: Lunar-Lagrange Alliance Primary language: French Population: 10.000 Major industries: Culture and entertainement Created decades before the Fall, the Charles de Gaulle station was the first space colony created exclusively by the french goverment without EU colaboration. A proud of the country, it received a lot of colonist and resource, making a particulary prosperous member of the LLA. It all changed during the Fall. Seriously damaged but surviving, the station was one of the last remanent elements of the french state. Now, the goverments and inhabitants of France-sur-monde considers themselves like the guardians of the french culture. Someone who wants to reside there, must to pass a course and an exams about french law, language and culture. And, to receive the "french" citizienship, one must to live there over seven years. A common situation is that someone who claim to have the french citizienship, but his registration has losted during the Fall and must pass all the process.
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The Sodov
The Sodov (pronounced "Sawed-off" or "Sod off", depending on the attitude of the individual) is a scum barge slash warship stolen during the Fall. It's a warship that's being used for living space, so obviously it has the sort of features one would expect. It has a large hollow cylinder in the middle (part of a large mass driver array that was never finished), and is generally not armed, though some defense systems have been added after its commandeering (it was not finished when stolen, and only the central mass driver had any weaponized elements). The owners of the Sodov are more autocratic than most Scum, but make up for this with a hands-off approach. When they get ticked off, they can get nasty (most are ex-organized crime or ex-military), but typically they are satisfied to watch for threats and let the ~40,000 inhabitants go about their daily business.