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I wanted to homebrew some monsters, so I home-brewed some monsters. I'd love to compare notes, and see the methods other GMs are using to create their own. I'll open with my own example; Limpets (Biomorph) This biological Exurgent was designed to produce swarms of small, efficient creatures with near invulnerability from vacuum. Resembling a breadbox-sized cone snail with a shell of flexible cartilage and a single bone spur for attacking, they are infamous for clinging to derelict ships and abandoned habitats for months or even years after they are supposedly burned clean, hiding in ventilation ducts and other crawlspaces only a few centimeters in diameter. This strain produces three or four Limpets from one adult transhuman body, creating a whole colony just from the inhabitants of one ship. Average Limpet: COG 10 (max 15), COO 15+5 (max 30), INT 10 (max 20), REF 10 (max 20), SAV 10 (max 15), SOM 15+5 (max 20), WIL 10+10 (max 30), No Moxie Durability 30, WT 6, Initiative 30, Lucidity Irrelevant, Speed 1 Movement Rate: Pseudopod 2/8 Skills: Unarmed 20 (spec. stinger), Climbing 50, Infiltration 40, Perception 25. Notes: Armor (6/6), Echolocation, Vacuum Sealing, Chameleon Skin, Stinger Attack (AP -2, 1d10+2), Venom (Application: Injection, Onset Time: 4 Action Turns, Duration: 1 hour, Effect: Roll DURx2 or fall unconscious; cumulative -10 to all actions), Small Target Limpets are rarely out to kill anyone; they will only sting until they get a successful hit in, then scoot away while their victim succumbs to the virus running through their veins. They will only attack in groups of three or more to flank an opponent, though it is not clear whether this is instinct or conscious tactics at work.
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Might change up the aptitudes
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Anyone familiar with the X Files or Killer7 will probably recognize this one
Squeeze These bipedal exsurgents have a mucusy, knobbly exterior. A number of free floating bones in their anatomy allow them to pass through any space which will accommodate their head, they prefer to cling to walls and ceilings with the billions of microscopic hairs coating their hands and feet, secreting nests of bile and incubating in warm, damp places. The most drastic change to the host’s anatomy is the development of a “bomb organ,” a stable explosive in the stomach or bowel, allowing the exsurgent to detonate at will. Upon detonation the exsurgent’s tough exterior functions as shrapnel, the mucus carrying the virus and potentially infecting any unfortunates caught in the blast. Cog 15, Coo 20, Int 20, Ref 20, Sav 10, Som 25, Wil 20 Initiative 8, Speed 1, Durability 40, Wound Threshold 8, Death Rating 60 Movement Rate: 4/16 Skills: Climbing 80, Fray 30, Free Fall 50, Free Running 70, Infiltration 40, Perception 40, Unarmed 30 (Grapple), Others as needed Implants: Bomb Organ (3D10 Blast Damage, Biomorphs whose armor is penetrated by the blast test DUR x 2 or become infected), Chameleon Skin, Enhanced Hearing, Enhanced Smell, Enhanced Vision, Prehensile Feet Notes: Armor 10/8, Limber (Level 3, the morph can pass through any space large enough to admit its head) May also write up a version that just develops the bomb organ without most of the other physical changes, in order to better infiltrate crowded areas before detonating.
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One very nice exsurgent shows
One very nice exsurgent shows up in the webcomic Derelict ( ). While the limpets and squeeze are like mines, this one is a stalker/sniper and maybe psyops - terrifying a population can be useful (although within the comic the purpose of the being is likely very different).