Corporation Names anyone

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Corporation Names anyone

Hello All,

Has anyone done, or gotten a suitable EP version of random corporation names?

Tablesmith would be ideal and Im working on one, but it can through a few weird ones (a side effect of ANY random generator).

Ive got the list of "official" book listing of corporations and wanted non standard (small side corps, holding companies, etc that might be in various Venus arcologies, martian cities, belt stations, etc)

Has anyone found a suitable EP name list?

Jason Brisbane


Jason Brisbane

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I've not encountered anything like that, but it puts me in mind of the Firefly RPG's technobabble table. Basically, something goes wrong with the ship and you roll randomly to determine the science-y sounding ship part ("reverse flux input" or something) and then the effect.

Here's some thoughts I've had on making something like this:

1) The first roll (1d10) determines the length of the name. Some companies have very long names when you add up the LLCs, Tradings, Incorporated etcs which is why many use acronyms. Start with a minimum of 2 entries and add 1d10/2 extra components.

2) The second roll determines the first part of the name. Since these are sci-fi companies you should probably compile a short list of appropriate sounding prefixes like Exo, Gene, Mega etc. Another one is for suffixes (tek, clone, core etc)

3) The third roll (plus as many as necessary) add more meat to the name, with things here being lists of industry types (Hardware, Research, Tech etc) and business-y buzzwords (Solutions, Synergys, Paradigms etc). Maybe stick another one on the end for business types like LLC, Trading, Limited, etc.

This should give you companies like Exocore Hardware LLC, Genetek Solutions and so on.

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Awesome, thanks.
I had the same basic idea but not theideas of prefix and suffixs'.

I will use your ideas and see what I come up with..

Done it (in Tablesmith).

Just need more prefix and suffix ideas to add into the tables...


Jason Brisbane

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Let me know

Let me know if anyone would like a copy.
I can email what Ive got to you.

Here are some samples fro the limited range I have created:
Geneday Universal Limited

Megatek Works Limited



Genecore Synergys Trading


Jason Brisbane

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Glad to be of help! I might

Glad to be of help! I might find it useful because my players are off to Extopia, which I'm trying to portray as being home to a staggering number of microcorps so having a list to rattle off might be useful

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I have a list of ones that

I have a list of ones that have appeared in my past writeups:

By the way, I would love to hear suggestions for Brazilian corporation names. I noticed that the Latin corporate naming style is a bit different: more contractions.