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Corporate Adventure Ideas
Hi Al, Is there a collection of short ideas for corporate based adventures? Im thinking of short descriptions of adventures with names of corporations (for examples) and a short description of the motivation for the adventure: An example: - A scientist from Novacorp wants to get permission for his concept morph idea but has to assist his manager in testing his new morph, a giant digger morph 8 times the size of the previous, useful for digging ores from asteroids. This morph conept has been leaked to a rival corporation, Flexibuilds. Anyone done this for us yet?
Regards, Jason Brisbane
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A fair number of the plot
A fair number of the plot hooks in Sunward and Gatecrashing involve hypercorp intrigue of various sorts, so that's probably the best place to start. Another good place to check is the Farcast yearblog; here's a link for the collected PDF:
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You could always mine
You could always mine Cyberpunk 2020 and Shadowrun threads for ideas.
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