Converting Eclipse Phase Setting to Bleeding Edge

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Converting Eclipse Phase Setting to Bleeding Edge

Last night some people in my Myriad Song group suggested that Eclipse Phase could be easily adapted to Sanguine's new near-future RPG Bleeding Edge.

I thought that the ease of brain uploading might pose an issue, but I have a few ideas. I think I could post them here and see what you all think.

Uploading Basics:

Aptitude bonuses from Morphs can be converted to attributes on a 5 to 1 basis. +5 COG becomes +1 Int for instance.

In general: SOM = Strength, COO and REF = Dexterity, COG = Intelligence, INT and WIL = Wisdom, SAV = Charisma. Every ten points of Durability above 30 (rounding down) is converted to +1 Constitution.

Experience Costs: Every Morph and Augmentation has an XP cost, individual augs cost 10 apiece, as with other Talents. A Morph has a total XP cost = 10 * (#of standard augs + total attribute bonus). When a character resleeves their previous Morph's Talents and attribute bonuses are retrained and may be spent towards their new Morph. If they lack the XP to pay for an augmentation or bonus the Talent is deactivated until the character learns to use them by earning and spending XP. Talents shared by the old and new Morph do not need to be retrained.

The Augmented Reality Talent is available for free to all Morphs. "No AR" is a possible flaw that may be attached to a Flat or similar Morph.

Augmentations without Point Cost:
Basic Biomods: Standard rate of healing is doubled, sleep is halved.
Cortical Stack: A "black box" recorder for your brain. When you die, it can be removed and a backup copy of the Ego can be extracted and downloaded into a new Morph.

Morph templates:

Augs: Zilch
Attributes: As normal
Cost: 0
Flaws: May take Genetic Defects

Augmentations: Augmented Reality (free), Basic Biomods, Cortical Stack.
Attributes: +1 to attribute of player or host's choice.
Cost: 10 XP

Augs: Cyber Body, Cyber Brain, Augmented Reality, Cortical Stack.
Attributes: +2 Strength -2 Dexterity (Cyber Body), +1 to other attribute.
Cost: 30 XP
Flaws: Stigma: Clanking Masses

Basic Pod:
Augs: Cyber Brain, Augmented Reality (free), Basic Biomods, Cortical Stack.
Attributes: +1 other.
Cost: 20 XP
Flaws: Stigma: Pod