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Continuity in Star Trek

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Continuity in Star Trek
An article on Ars about how transporters work, and if they involve killing the transportee. https://arstechnica.com/gaming/2017/09/is-beaming-down-in-star-trek-a-de... Which also reminds me of a brief blurb by (speculation) Cory Doctrow in which a post human civ flies around in small ships with a digital crew, where landing parties are beamed down (in a sense), do their thing, then are decomposed and their minds re-uploaded.
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Well, in the end this is what
Well, in the end this is what happens when you digitize a mind... It's the same as making a photocopy of a book, or copying a program and add lines of code afterwards... The subjective POV is a dead individual, and a clone who keeps goind, while the "objective" (in this case, external) is that nothing has changed, the dude is still around doing his thing. I think I remember a short story written by Orson Scott Card, about a millionaire in our nowadays world who wrecked his body, got "cloned" and his mind "copied" to that clone... and we follow one of the clones doing the same thing, and follow the "after" the new clone is released and goes to party and debaucher, while the "old clone"... gets put to use, forced back into shape, and tortured in a very furious way by an almost berserker "trainer" to go back into physical shape. The plto twist being that trainer was the original, really peeved with himself to see how "he" was still doing nothing but wrecking "his" life.