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Conspiracy Darkcast

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Conspiracy Darkcast
[Mesh Login: Fixer] [Switching display ID to: Pyramidon] [Creating broadcast...] [Connection... established] ***Warning all users: Connection not secure, do not share vital information that could identify you, please sanitize any uploads for incriminating evidence before posting*** I think we all like a good conspiracy here, don't we? So here we are, the perfect place to share our thoughts, gut feelings and paranoid delusions about everything happening in the system. Before you post, be advised that this is NOT an Op specialized cast, so don't share too much. I'll start by asking: The factors what's their deal? What do we know about them? 1.They're basically gigantic amoeba 2.They don't like AIs or the Pandora gates 3.They claim to represent a collective of Singularity-surviving species 4. They come around the system several times a year to collect info or trade. Number four is the most worrying, while their ship are ridiculously fast compared to ours, their frequency of visit leaves only a few possibilities; That they have an outpost in the system we haven't detected, they have their own Pandora gate (possibly they want to maintain a monopoly on them?) or they currently have some other form of faster-than-light travel that we are not aware of. All of these options are quite frightening if the Factors are not quite what they present themselves to be... What do you think darkcasters?
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Who knows
[Transmission sent] These are all good points. Over here in Remembrance, we really don't normally focus too much on relations with the Factors so I haven't given it much thought in the past. I work for a small reclaimation and defense company, that from time to time, surveys old habs and rocks for previous TITAN presence to log any identifiable trends during the fall. One of our agents talked of an encounter with factors, and he's had to work with and around factors on the last survey mission. I don't have a lot of detail to spare other than it was his story that sparked conspiracies left and right among my coworkers. For some reason, he didn't really like talking about the subject. I find it odd since they're known to have been very helpful to us. I'd have to say, he's changed a lot since I can remember him before this encounter. The one conspiracy that spooks me is that they're the ones who infected the TITANs. They've moved in at the right time to guide our lost society to develop along a path that they see fit for us and the purpose they have given us. It delves deeper, but honestly I think most of the people talking here have spent too much time in VR games and went off the deep end of the mesh with their social media addictions. But, as far as how they're able to get around, their history, and their overall intentions for us is something I've kept on the back of my mind for a long time. Well I'm off to work. I have a conference in simulspace with the board. God speed. [End Transmission]