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Condensed Ruleset Revision
Normally when I decide to GM a new tabletop, I have a weird ritual that involves rewriting and condensing the entire rule system. I find this the easiest way for me to ingrain more complex game systems into memory. Usually, I'm terrified to even show or share these with anyone, but it seems EP may be one that I can share openly. If anyone is interested I have a few screencaps below of what i've been working on. If this is not allowed, then I shall just keep my revision to myself. :) The title page showing the hover links. A couple other screencaps and Currently I've finished all the fields and am topped out at about 70 pages. I just need to get all the links inserted and it'll be completed.
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I think the license is CC-NC
I think the license is CC-NC-SA, which means that the rules are pretty simple; you are free to share and adapt all first-party content, so long as you attribute your work to the original source, don't sell your work, and you must share it under the same license as the material you're borrowing. So, yes - go right ahead. (It even mentions license detail in the page footer here!) And if you can improve the presentation on seeker and grenade rules, cost, and area of effect, I'll be using this in my campaign. :p
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I think it's very useful,
I think it's very useful, like an electronic super GM sheet. I'd be very interested in using this if you released it.
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Updated and added. It's a bit
Updated and added. It's a bit messy, but pretty good for less than a weeks worth of editting. :) Enjoy!
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In my opinion it's a nice reference sheet
I definitely like it. It has a lot of bugs/misspeling but it's very functional and helps with finding stuff a little easier. It's definitely NOT a replacement of the original book but it seems better if you need to find for example spime and spindle descriptions quicker ;)