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Concept Vs/And Profession

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Concept Vs/And Profession
while discussing with a friend of mine and a future EP player, we were discussing character occupations (and the rules around) it. it all boils to this; what kind of job people get, a decade after the Fall (a prior too. We're big on the background, in our group), what do they do for a living? The profession skill is a bit of an indication, but as my friend remarked, the fields suggested are a bit limited in number and explanatory fashion. I had also mention that in the anime "Kurau Phantom Memory" (Studio Bones, US dvd release by Funimation), there are Agents, hired help that do what they're hired to do, weither legal or illegal. It's not them who's accountable for, but those who hire them. Is there such a job in canon EP verse?
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