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Concept Morphs

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Interesting! That's got me
Interesting! That's got me thinking about other kinds of Asynch specialized morphs. Perhaps ones which inhibit sleights instead of amplify them ( Squelch or Quash as a product name) or attuned to uplift asynchs - Psi-birds, meta-cetacean, psychopus, or esper-hominids -something like that. Maybe an eidolon that enables Asynchs to spend time as an infomorph -with severe penalties to sleight use of course. I'll have to chew on these a bit more!
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I'm re-reading this thread at
I'm re-reading this thread at the moment and realizing with the benefit of both hindsight and a great deal more experience with the game that there are a lot of tweaks I'd like to make to some of the morphs I statted up previously. So I may do that, and maybe add some new ones to boot, in the near future.
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Feel free to do so!
I've been fairly dry on ideas for here for a while. Just a smattering of outlines like... Medisynth : A favorite among gatecrashing teams, this field medic synthmorph comes with an array of medical tools built into its arms and a small healing vat in the abdomen useful for storing biological samples in stasis or an unfortunate teammates severed head! ...or what is becoming an overly complicated attempt at building a catalog of smaller modules to assemble Flexbots or other Modular Design morphs out of! I'm really glad to hear that you like some of the stuff I've come up with enough to even give them a second glance, Thanks!
Current Status: Highly Distracted building Gatecrashing systems in Universe Sandbox!