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So WHEN is Eclipse Phase?

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So WHEN is Eclipse Phase?
...by which I mean what is the starting date of the game:) The movie news section mentions that it occurs in "a time closer than we want to believe", while the Wolfram Alpha entry mentions a game starting in 2100. Just out of curiosity what date does the default settting begin in? Promise not to go into the "that seems too soon/late" debate (you know, cousin to the "why doesn't your FTL drive look like a REAL FLT drive debate"), just interested.
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Starting dates
We don't have a fixed date. It was actually something we discussed quite a bit in the early days of the game given the types of tech we wanted to have and the general spread of transhumanity. If you ask any of the core writers you're likely to get a slightly different answer depending on how we think progress is likely to go. But in general we say it takes place 'more than 100' years in the future. But strict dates are left out to allow GMs to tailor it to their particular inclinations. All dating in the game is done with reference to the Fall.

Brian Cross
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Personally, it makes sense..I
Personally, it makes sense..I mean, remember, these people were involved in Shadowrun, and we all know how dated the future became by 3rd edition, when RL, people were doing everything wirelessly, lap-tops got to the point where you could wear one, and other such leaps not imagined at the time of SR1. So, it makes sense to not set a specific date, and do all reckoning from "The Fall." And, you know what? I like it that way!
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It's one of the best
It's one of the best approaches you can take for any game set in a "future". I've done the same for Atomic Highway; it takes place sometime in the "near future" of the "modern era" be that "modern era" the 1970s, today, or a couple of decades in the future. Makes the game a lot more customizable as well.

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Makes sense to me... I'd like
Makes sense to me... I'd like to avoid future reality creep and for most individuals history essentally DID start for them after the Fall on account of the massive changes... Question, is there a name given for events significant to the formation of the EP world that pre-date the Fall? (PF perhaps?)
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Everything is dated AF

Everything is dated AF (After Fall) or BF (Before Fall).

Rob Boyle :: Posthuman Studios

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I agree....
I totally agree with this approach. Not that my two cents are really worth much, but the non-specific time frame approach is magnificently open ended. I must admit it adds a certain something to the general thematics, in my mind.
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Re: So WHEN is Eclipse Phase?
[troll] Pfff, the singularity is just around the corner, 100 years is way off the mark [/troll] ;-)