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Gencon thanks to all who stopped by!

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Gencon thanks to all who stopped by!
We're back from Gencon (kinda) and I wanted to send out a hearty thank you to everyone who stopped by the booth for a demo or to ask questions about EP (or to the lucky few who caught all three of us gaming and drinking and managed to get us to run to simultaneous demos thus testing our mastery of the game rules and setting!) 

But it was truly a pleasure to be able to take the wraps off EP for the first time in a public setting with complete strangers, many of whom came in skeptical about the game, and to address questions and generally wow people with the game system and world. 

I think our only regret is that there were only three of us that were running demos and that both Rob and I were frequently called upon to be elsewhere and that Jack hasn't quite mastered forking his Ego or cloning himself yet.  But again thank you to everyone who came by it was a blast!

Brian Cross
Posthuman Studios

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Got mine! So far, the setting is nicely done. Production values on the book are amazing; good work, guys!
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I am amazed that a new RPG
I am amazed that a new RPG that has not gotten a lot of hype got sold out every day within minutes..I am glad I was like number 5 through the doors on the first day of GenCon..
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My girlfriend and I were

My girlfriend and I were first at the doors the third morning.