A gate named Bob...

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A gate named Bob...

Hang on, something just occured to me. Are the Pandora Gates sentient? Given the high degree of AI and AGI in various items (given their complexity how could they operate without them... and what could be more complex than a device that generates a traversable wormhole) it seems to make sense that these would be more than a standard "dumb" device. And if that is the case is there any interaction between the user/owners of the gate and the gate itself, or is it the kind of intelligence that would stress even a humanized AGI to attempt to talk to.
...Of course if the Pandora Gates are self-aware and are either blatently ignored, or their intelligent nature is not known, that could go a long way toward explaining their current questionable performance (Gate (to itself): "That is IT! If these asses whistle the theme to "Stargate" ONE MORE TIME I'm sending them to Aldebaran and going to Sleep Mode... you didn't get this grief with the TITANS!!!")

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Insightful and funny, GregH.

Insightful and funny, GregH.

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How could you not hum or

How could you not hum or whistle the theme to stargate? I mean, have they watched the show?
I might constantly make references to Eve Online.