Steel that is stronger than glass

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Steel that is stronger than glass

For aesthetic reasons it is nice to have your AGIs, data centres, and even the occasional TITAN, in glass rooms.

However standard glass is obviously insufficient against the firepower of Sentinels who often take umbrage at the existence of such machine intelligence. Tempered glass is helpful, but not helpful enough.

One could make up a glass that pure fantasy but fear not, you can have a glass one hundred plus years into the future that is somewhat grounded in the reality of contemporary research.

Sentinels, I offer the following for your stories - and this article is several years old.

New metallic glass is stronger and tougher than steel

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This use of the term glass

This use of the term glass can be a bit confusing. The article (and scientific term) are talking about the non-crystalline form of the metals. EP uses the term amorphous metal to describe these metallic glass forms. Generally speaking, metallic glass is not transparent.

Because these materials don't have the crystalline form, you don't end up with a crack that propagates through them, so you end up with a much stronger material.

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You're right of course about

You're right of course about not being transparent, generally. But I have found some exceptions!

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Hah, I actually ran into this

Hah, I actually ran into this on a game I ran over the weekend. I wanted the mcguffin behind a glass case, but it was also supposed to be... ya know, secure. What I went with was an improved plexiglass material, as that's already used as a glass substitute in areas where durability is desired (submarine viewports, aquariums, airplane windows, police car windshields...)

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Last Weekend

Heh, how about that? I used it this past weekend as well (Sunday to be exact). I find the synchronicity quite a delight.

Don't tell me you were using it for a TITAN buried beneath Antarctica as well?

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Nah, heist of a TITAN

Nah, heist of a TITAN artifact from a hypercorp auction.