2nd Edition Morph Creation

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2nd Edition Morph Creation

(Cross-posting from over here.)

Hey everyone! Using some resources at hand, I’ve been able to recreate what I think are the morph creation rules for EP 2nd Edition. Because these are specifically for 2nd edition, it’s highly recommended to give the play-test rules for character creation a read, as that’s where a large amount of relevant info comes from.

Other information was gleaned from this chart.

EDIT: It’s possible the info on this chart isn’t supposed to be shared until everything is nailed down by the devs. If so, I will remove the link if requested.

PLEASE NOTE: These rules are not official, and are merely my conclusions based on the information available. They are subject to change should new information become available, or official morph creation rules be released.

Morph Creation
Determine the following MP values:
Pools MP
(CP cost for pools is 2 per pool/Flex point)

(Baseline DUR of 35. Every +/-5 DUR is +/-2 CP)

Traits MP

Spoiler: Highlight to view

Below are unlisted morph traits currently available for customization. Morph Traits from the current draft of the character creation rules may also be used.

Armor/Synthetic Frames
Light Frame (6/4) - 2CP
Medium Frame (8/6) - 4CP
Heavy Frame (12/10) - 6CP
Swarm Characteristics - 2CP

Natural Weapons
Light (DV 2d6) - Minor
Medium (DV 1d10) - Moderate
Heavy (DV 2d10) - Major
Reach - Moderate
Extra Arms - Minor (per pair)

Ware MP
Ware MP cost is 1 for Minor, 2 for Moderate, and 3* for Major complexity)

Spoiler: Highlight to view
*Original cost is listed as 4MP for Major complexity wares. On doing my own calculation, however, this cost ends up being too expensive to recreate existing morphs from the Making a Character (May 29) playtest document. Using the modified cost has the math reconcile more closely with the final costs for official morphs.

Determine total MP value and final, in-game value.
Total: (Total of Pools, DUR, Traits and Wares MP values)
¼ Cost: (Total MP reduced to ¼ Total Morph MP)
Final Cost: (Round to nearest whole number)


  • All morphs should include the Cortical Stack [Minor] and Mesh Inserts [Minor] wares. Pods and synthmorphs must include the Cyberbrain [Major] ware - remember that Cyberbrains include Access Jacks, Mnemonics and a Puppet Sock for no additional cost.
  • Synthmorphs must also take a frame trait (light, medium, heavy), representing their synthetic construction - Nanoswarm morphs instead take the Swarm Characteristics trait.
  • Morphs include the Walker mobility system for free.
  • Non-standard sizes (Small/Large) have a cost of +/-0 MP due to the associated balance of penalties/benefits.
  • There is no limit to positive or negative traits used in a morph. A conservative suggestion is to have no more than 2 negative traits, and no more than 4 positive traits.
  • 2nd Edition Wares and complexities can be found in the Gear and Transhuman Tech playest documents (May 29). As noted in the Gear rules, Wares and gear are restricted by morph type (I.e. Biomorphs and Pods cannot have Hardware, while Synthmorphs can.)


Takko (5 MP)
Movement Rate: Thrust Vector 8/40, Walker 4/16
Ware: 360 Degree Vision, Access Jacks, Chameleon Skin, Cortical Stack, Cyberbrain, Enhanced Vision, Grip Pads, Mesh Inserts, Mnemonics, Polarized Vision, Puppet Sock
Morph Traits: Limberness 2, Light Frame (6/4), Exotic Morphology 3
Notes: 8 Arms (+3 pairs), Natural Attack: Beak (DV 1d10)
DUR 35, WT 7, DR 70
Insight 1, Moxie 0, Vigor 1, Flex 0

Spoiler: Highlight to view
Pool CP (4)
  • I/M/V Points 1/0/1
  • Flex Points 0
DUR CP (0)
  • DUR +0
Traits CP (0)
  • Limberness 2 (2)
  • Light Frame (6/4) (2)
  • Natural Weapon - Medium (2)
  • Exotic Morphology 3 (-6)
Ware CP (16)
    Minor (9)
  • 360 Degree Vision, Chameleon Skin, Cortical Stack, Enhanced Vision, Extra Limbs (x3), Mesh Inserts, Polarized Vision
    Moderate (4)
  • Grip Pads, Mobility System (Thrust Vector)
    Major (3)
  • Cyberbrain

Total: 20
¼ Cost: 5
Final Cost: 5 MP

Synthtaur (7 MP)
Movement Rate: Walker (4/20 Biped, 6/40 Quadruped)
Ware: Access Jacks, Cortical Stack, Cyberbrain, Extra Limbs, Mesh Inserts, Mnemonics, Pneumatics, Puppet Sock, Shape Adjusting
Common Shape Adjustments: Grip Pads, Prehensile Feet, Retracting Limbs, Telescoping Limbs
Morph Traits: Medium Frame (8/6), Exotic Morphology 3
Notes: Extra Limbs (+1 Pair), Large size
DUR 60, WT 12, DR 120
Insight 1, Moxie 1, Vigor 2, Flex 0

Spoiler: Highlight to view
Pool CP (8)
  • I/M/V Points 1/1/2
  • Flex Points 0
DUR CP (10)
  • DUR +25
Traits CP (-4)
  • Large size (0)
  • Medium Frame (8/6) (2)
  • Exotic Morphology 3 (-6)
Ware CP (14)
    Minor (3)
  • Cortical Stack, Extra Limbs, Mesh Inserts
    Moderate (2)
  • Mobility System (Quadruped)
    Major (9)
  • Cyberbrain, Pneumatics, Shape Adjusting

Total: 28
¼ Cost: 7
Final Cost: 7 MP

Daemon-Dynamics Projects:
2nd Edition Morph Creation Rules

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Updated the cost of Major complexity Wares, revised the example Morphs based on playtest rules released May 29th.

Daemon-Dynamics Projects:
2nd Edition Morph Creation Rules

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Does this still work with the

Does this still work with the published version rules? One of the gaps I immediately noticed in the book was the lack of Morph Design rules. There's rules about 'creation' aka growing/building a morph, but nothing about actually designing one.