1-page Character Sheet (2nd edition)

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1-page Character Sheet (2nd edition)

I really like what dragonmarkeddm has done, but at the same time I'm rather fond of single page character sheets so I thought I'd share what I'm using for my current 2nd edition campaign. Link here (it's on google drive)

Obviously, some things had to be left out (like Psi).

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Nice, i like it. too bad it

Nice, i like it. too bad it'll only work when printed out though. (i'm prone to making spreadsheets recreationally.

A slight smell of ions....

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1-page Character Sheet (2nd edition)

Good point. Here's the editable Excel file version.
Spreadsheets are fun!

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1-page Character Sheet (2nd edition)

After making a few more characters for fun, I realized I should have added the default gear that every Firewall character gets in the gear packages, as well as the most common morph augmentations. I also added a couple lines for Rez Points.
Here's the PDF for this version.

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1-page Character Sheet (2nd edition)

Here is the updated version for the May 29 playtest release.
1-page Sheet PDF (no Psi)

And the Excel file if you want to modify it.
1-page Sheet EXCEL (no Psi)

2 lines for Hardware, Medicine, Pilot (because I personally hadn't used Fields during playtesting).
Gear & Blueprint have been adjusted to reflect the new "Firewall Agent" package.
Armor section has been slightly adjusted for more versatility.

I'll probably cook up a 2-page version once I'm done reviewing the 7 documents.

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2-page version (WIP)

While working on more character sheets for the 2nd edition, I had the idea to split the character's information between what is "public" (front page) and what is "private".

In the few RPG games where I'm not the GM, I like to hide my sheets from the other players (I usually just turn them facedown and write my notes on the back). The reason is so they can't include me in the unavoidable metagaming discussions about who's got the highest skills, special abilities or powers, etc. They have to go with what I reveal about my character or, in a setting like Eclipse Phase, with what's available publicly.

It still needs some polishing, but here's my so-called metagame-proof sheets (PDF).
caveat: I barely ever use Psi, so this sheet isn't adequate for async player.

I'm open to feedback.

And I'm still working on different versions (I'll post them here as I finish more).

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Metagame-proof sheet

I like the idea of having public and private profile.

I skimmed through the character sheet and found that in the skills the aptitudes are a bit wrong.

Other than that, looks very cool!

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Thanks, I'll fix the sheets

Thanks, I don't know how I missed these copy-pasting errors. I'll fix the sheets when 2nd edition comes out. :)