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How did you become a transhumanist?

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How did you become a transhumanist?
How did you become a transhumanist? (That is, assuming you are a transhumanist.) Transhumanism is not a mainstream idea, it is hard to accidentally happen upon it. How did you find it? I'll start... Before I was a transhumanist, I was transgender. In my early childhood, I had hopeful dreams about a machine that turns you into a girl (to the horror of my mother). Later, this evolved into a pill that turns you into a girl. Obviously, these are transhumanist ideas. I did not want this to exist solely in fantasy, I wanted it to be real. I was not going to take it lying down and be Mother Nature's little bitch allowing her to predetermine an unfortunate existence for me. I did research on what makes a girl, which I desperately needed to be, a girl: chromosomes, specifically, the sex chromosomes. From that point, I decided to devote my life to "biological chemistry". I was still a child, so I did not know the word for "geneticist". Much later on, in high school, still holding on to my aspirations, I was flipping through my biology book. Biological technology represents power over life, exactly what I needed. I was working ahead in that class, approximately five times faster than the rest. Just as someone being chased by wild dogs would run faster, I worked harder. I reached the chapter about applications. Biotech, hell yes! Then I found a word: "transgenic". Immediately after coming home, I asked my friend google about "transgenic humans". I know that some people have experimental tech that is not being implemented due to economic, practical, or ethical reasons. There was a sleight chance that the tech was already available. Google gave me many scholarly articles about the concept. Stumbling through a mess that flew way over my head, I found The Transhuman SubReddit. I loved what I saw. I came for "diet morphological freedom", I stayed for immortality, cognitive enhancement, full morphological freedom, physical enhancement, and so much more.
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Also, some where along the way I developed a strange desire to be a little girl while keeping full cognitive ability. Seeing Eclipse Phase on the sub Reddit was the worm, neotenics were the hook, and ShadowDragon's Questionnaire kept me interested long enough to actually learn the game.
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Probly my first exposure to
Probly my first exposure to transhuman concepts was Ghost in the shell Stand Alone Complex. And from when i heard about genetic engineering and watched Gattacca in high school have always idly played around with the idea of being able to modify their genetics. EP I had to stumble over twice, first time was when my uncle got the core book from the first kickstarter but i was too other systems at the time for more than the mantra sticking in my head. The second exposure was when IO9 did an article on a donut earth theory done by a member of this forum. Unfortunately i have yet to pick up any of the academic references in EP's good reads section but it has expanded my fiction collection :) Jack&Rob and co want to make more product so i can give you more money?
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When I first read RIFTS, I
When I first read RIFTS, I knew I wanted to be a cyborg. As an impressionable child, ripping out one's brain and plugging it into a walking tank bristling with guns was the coolest thing ever. Some point during high school I discovered Orion's Arm at which point I came into formal contact with transhumanism. My current interests in augmentations are primarily in fixing my deficit in will to live, but I hope to live long enough to solve all my problems with chrome and cyberlinked gauss guns.
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To: Rigorous_Mortician and whom it may concern
If you are concerned about dying before the "transhuman age", I recommend arranging for a cryogenic contract. Depending on the way you die, your neurons should still be intact shortly after death.
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My grandad used to give me
My grandad used to give me books, and introduced me to Ray Kurzweil's The Singularity is Near. After that, I was totally hooked. I was a pretty hefty sci go nerd, but Kurzweil was the first time I realized that some of the concepts I'd fantasized about were possible.
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Wikipedia circa 2004
My story was probably pretty much the same story as yours, TheBurn, except with more daydreams about furries, or something. :? It also helped in my case that I had basically unrestricted access to Wikipedia when I was young, and happened upon (or was shown by a school friend?) the Wikipedia page for transhumanism probably as early as 2004-2005, back when Wikipedia was fairly new. Ironically, I didn't [i]consciously[/i] figure out the gender thing in my own case until my late teens.
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Middle school English class
When I was in the 8th grade my English teacher had us choose subjects to write about. The topic I pulled from that brown paper bag was cloning. After that I spent a week going to the library and browsing the internet. The more I looked into it the more connected subjects I found. After years of delving into the arrays of subjects, debates, politics and cultures that make up Transhumanism I made my way to Eclipse Phase, which is hands down the most exploratory and embracing medium on the ideology.
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Fluctuates over time
I wanted to be Borg starting in middle school, but somehow without the drawbacks of the collective. Otherwise, the benefits (eidetic memory, vision outside the normal spectrum, strength, not needing to breathe, etc) seemed to outweigh the costs (replacement of body parts). I also leaned hard towards the Phyrexians and Iteration X, again fully aware of the flaws while seeing the possibilities. I don't think I knew what transhumanism was by name until college; we had Kurzweil as a speaker in a series on cyborgs, and technological singularity led to posthumanism led to transhumanism. This apparent progression is interspersed with hard primitivist leanings. Reconciling the two has been ongoing for decades.
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